Whole House Music

Listen to Music Throughout Your Home, Seamlessly

A New Audio Landscape

Streaming audio has revolutionized music listening, and with it, the way that music is delivered throughout the home.  AVWORX has experience in every area of the audio integration process, from streaming to full home integration and whole house audio.


Do you need full integration throughout the home, connection to existing speaker systems, structured wiring and in-wall speakers?  Or do you simply need a wireless speaker solution?  Let us help walk you through the pros and cons as you decide the best modern solution for your home.

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Planning Your Whole Home Audio Project

No chance should be taken with the performance, ease of use and reliability associated with the electronics around you in your home. Mastering the integration and control of audio, video, lighting, comfort, security and other necessities should be a priority. Many years of experience has enabled AVWORX to provide top notch planning and design services for any type of project. We work closely with you, your designer, architect, builder and other trades to ensure the perfection of your Whole House Audio Video System.

Centralizing your Audio Control

Today’s audio and video distribution systems offer great performance, convenience, efficiency and flexibility, and are more affordable than ever! Multiple audio and video sources are available in unlimited locations with powerful control via touch screens and handheld remote controls and apps. With this type of control we can centrally locate all the equipment, which saves space and resources as well as simplifies use and reliability. Combined with today’s space saving flat screen TVs, we no longer require equipment located at every screen. The days of using low fidelity, inefficient volume controls are gone, allowing higher quality audio distribution. Speaker products have reached new levels of performance for much more diverse applications. AVWORX has all the latest technology and expertise to design and install your new or upgraded AV system.

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Structured Wiring Provides Adaptability

Structured Wiring Systems integrate your home’s Video, Satellite, Telephone, Computer Network, Home Audio, and intercom wiring into one coherent system. Bringing all of this wire to a carefully organized panel or location provides you with the most options for today’s and future technologies. New wireless technologies have offered great convenience and cost savings but hard wired systems are still the best bet for reliability and safety of your information. AVWORX has years of experience and the latest technologies to design and install your structured wiring system for home or business.

Our Pledge To You

There are many reasons we have been in business well over twenty years, and we feel like the number one reason is our commitment to servicing our customers. We’ll make sure you and your family understands how simple and easy it is to operate your system. Just a phone call away, we are always here to support and service your system, keeping your life (and your lifestyle) in working order. With today’s technology and internet bandwidth your system can even be managed and serviced remotely. This includes function and software upgrades, along with diagnosis and repair. Your satisfaction is our first consideration and final goal, with support and service as part of our pledge to you.