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This page includes great savings on new and used AV gear!  Listings will be from closeouts, store display models and used gear we may have taken in from other customers. This page will be updated regularly as product becomes available.  Please contact store for more information.

(Please note that AVWORX is able to ship these products but prices do not include any shipping charges.  Some items may not have original packing.)

If you have interest in any of these specials please send email to sales@avworx.net or just call us at 801-774-8080.




Totem Forest Speaker

 Demo Pair Sale Price $2999

(MSRP $4199.00)

Enter the realm of beauty with the Totem Forest. Designed for power and articulate voicing, the Forest is at ease with all types of music. Whether in stereo, multi-channel audio or a high-quality A/V application, the Forest creates a synergy between spatial imaging and dynamic power that goes beyond the usual.

The Forest offers pulse, speed and dynamic contrasts that add up to a tingling surprise factor, bringing freshness to your listening experience. With its innovative design, incredible sound extension and overall coherence, the Totem Forest allows you to discover beautiful harmonics that open up to infinite worlds of spatial sonority.

Totem Wind Speaker

 Demo Pair Sale Price $5599

(MSRP $9599.00)

Since its inception, the Wind has been appreciated for its avant-garde design and superior sonic architecture. Its complex cabinet geometry has masterfully made this dynamic, multi-driver speaker sound “Totem Great”.

A totally unique (4x) driver 3-way speaker system, the Wind stands for flexibility and truly full-range expressiveness. The multiple midranges allow for an incredible amount of musically informative material to transpire in space with ease. The sound level possibilities of this large dynamic system also facilitate large and complex musical demonstrations. Design and performance are brought forth in a flexible and manageable equilibrium. Also available in Design finish.

Procella Audio 5.1 Speaker System

 Demo System Sale Price $9,900.00

(MSRP $20,000.00)

Procella loudspeakers deliver maximum Home Cinema experience. They are easy to drive, install and are fully scalable to meet the most demanding needs of any home or commercial theater application.  Procella speakers simply play louder and cleaner than conventional speakers, using pro audio compression drivers for greater efficiency and power handling.  Constant directivity waveguides deliver wide, symmetrical coverage at all frequencies, so every seat hears well-balanced, intelligible sound.  Clean and undistorted sound at high playback levels enables listeners to enjoy extended listening, even at cinema reference levels.  Designed and built in Sweden.  If you have a large room and want to fill it up with the highest quality sound, Procella Audio is the perfect choice.

This 5.1 demo system from our showroom includes five of the P8 sealed box speakers featuring a compression driver on a constant directivity waveguide coupled to a 8" high output woofer.   Also included is the Procella self-powered P15AMP dual 15" long-throw pro audio subwoofer system.  The P15AMP blends lightning-quick transient response with massive impact.  And is capable of 125dB output and able to reproduce bass frequencies in-room flat to 22Hz and below.  This system can easily be expanded as desired by adding additional speakers and gear avaialble from AVWORX.

P8 Specs - Drivers: HF 1.5” driver with a polyester diaphragm on a Procella designed elliptical constant directivity waveguide, LF high-output 8”,  Frequency Response (-3dB): 70Hz-20kHz, Sensitivity: 92dB @ 1W @ 1meter, Cabinet Dimensions (HxWxD): 16.2” x 17.7” x 7.9”

@50 Hz 125dB, Dual long-throw 15” drivers with 75mm voice coils in 75 litre sealed box, AMPLIFIER 350W + 350W, Class-D, DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT - HxWxD 22.4” x 36.6” x 8.75”  weight 91.9 Lbs