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With brand relationships throughout the audio space, we have our finger on the pulse of the industry and always strive to have the latest in premium speakers available to our customers.  Let us walk you through the latest in industry developments and make recommendations based on your listening needs, your intended application, and the space your speakers will be placed in.

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Depending on your application, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers may be perfect for your needs.  Put speakers subtly throughout your home, without taking up floor space or showing visible wires, and control them all from a central point.  Or, enhance your home theater with booming audio, hidden by panels throughout your theater room.

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Martin Logan is a speaker manufacturer.


MartinLogan's striking electrostatic speaker technology is capable of extraordinarily compelling realistic sound reproduction.  Today, the Montis, Ethos, and ElectroMotion ESL product lines are just a few of the outcomes of this effort.


Bookshelf Speakers & Subwoofers

MartinLogan's range extends to stunning bookshelf speakers with the Motion series, and subwoofers that complement electrostatic sound with the powerful Balanced Force and Dynamo lines.

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From Monitor Audio to SpeakerCraft to MartinLogan, we carry the finest names in premium speakers.  Don't just see it, don't just read about it.  Let us help you set up a time to audition our speakers so you can hear for yourself.  Below is a selection of featured brands.