Commercial Automation & AV

Technology To Simplify Your Business and Enhance Productivity


Conference and Training Rooms

Create an environment that builds trust, increases productivity, and avoids frustration. We have the products, and experience, to help you get the most from your meetings. With our automated systems, we have a wide range of resources to bring stress-free audio, video, controlled lighting, security, and internet solutions to your spaces.


Professional Offices

Have the confidence you need to impress all of your local, and distant, clients. A high-end office gives you the freedom needed to convincingly propose your vision. Our state of the art equipment has the horsepower to handle the toughest jobs, and can even be diagnosed remotely. With many HiFi commercial options, we have what you need to look and sound your best.

Restaurants and Retail

Take your space to the next level with detailed indoor and outdoor sound, beautiful tvs, stunning 4k projectors, and tons of creative lighting options. Create an atmosphere that sets your restaurant or retail space apart from the rest.  Automate even the simplest of tasks to create an atmosphere that will keep your customers coming back. From security solutions, to automated music and video-- we know how to make any space truly yours.


Fitness Centers

Looking for an experience that energizes and excites? Regardless of the size of your spaces, we have an array of speaker arrangements that will compliment your space. Effortlessly broadcast workout plans that everyone can see with a TV or projector setup. Casually control your audio, video, lighting, and microphones with ease. Always be in control with a wide selection of personalized security options to keep your guests and equipment safe. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.



Commercial Sound

  • Customized loudspeaker packages
  • Stylized acoustic treatment panels
  • In ceiling/wall loudspeaker options
  • Multi-room and intercom systems
  • Centralized and remote controls
  • State of the art equipment
  • Indoor and outdoor product options

TV / Projection Systems & Video Walls

  • 4K UHD TV and Projector solutions
  • Commercial-quality screens, mounted or retractable
  • Wide range of sizes and materials
  • Hardware and mounting solutions
  • Automated control systems, central or remote access
  • Ultra quiet retraction motors
Rear view of security system operator looking at CCTV footage at desk in office

Surveillance Camera Systems

  • Professional grade equipment
  • Onsite storage with remote access
  • No monthly fees
  • Hi-res security cameras
  • Professional mounting equipment
  • Automated backup systems

Lighting and Automation

  • Smart switches and automation systems
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting options
  • LED bulbs and fixtures
  • Specialty lighting
  • Wide color selection
  • HVAC controls and integration
  • Simple and reliable controls
  • Remote and programmable access

Window Shades and Treatments

  • Solutions for all applications
  • Multiple brands
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Glare control for classrooms, retail spaces, restaurants and common areas
  • Audio-Visual blackout shades
  • Control scenarios for single rooms, shared spaces, building level control
  • Full automation and integration
  • Installation and service