Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Sony 4K TV from Your Local Big-Box Store

AVWORX Offers a More Personalized and Educated Buyer Experience

The time has come to upgrade your TV display. You’ve done your research and decided to go with a Sony 4K television but aren’t sure which model to purchase for your home. You could ask the employees at your local big-box retailer for guidance, but you’ll likely find that their knowledge is limited and not tailored to your specific needs. So, what do you do?

Instead of blindly purchasing your next Sony 4K TV from a nearby superstore, immerse yourself in a variety of Sony 4K solutions and learn which models are best for specific environments by visiting our showroom, located just north of Salt Lake City, UT. Read on to learn the important differences between purchasing your next display from a big-box store and from our team at AVWORX.

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Big-Box Retailers Don’t Specialize in Sony Electronics

Big-box retailers are typically characterized by their ample floor space, wide array of items available for sale, and low prices due to their high-volume products. These megastores sell everything under the sun, which means their product knowledge is spread thin across a large variety of TV brands and models. Even specialized megastores that offer only consumer electronics are cluttered with a plethora of technologies, stifling employees’ product training to basic use-cases.

The AVWORX Advantage: Conversely, our team has partnered with Sony for over 25 years and uniquely knows the benefits across each of Sony’s 4K TV models as well as their distinguishing differences. What’s more, we also specialize in media room and home theater design and installation, which means we can advise you on which Sony 4K TV model would best operate in your home environment depending on your needs and the layout of the space.

Big-Box Retailers Don’t Offer Personalized Demos

The consumer electronics show floor looks similar across most, if not all, big-box retailers. Typically, you’ll find rows and rows of boxed TVs, some unboxed and put on display, and perhaps a wall of mounted TVs that are showing a sports game or popular movie. When it comes to personally demoing a TV model of choice, that’s about as far as it goes at megastores.

The AVWORX Advantage: At our local showroom, you have access to a personalized environment where you can not only demo Sony’s 4K TVs one-by-one but better imagine what that display will look like when it’s placed inside your home. Demo everything from cable TV and 4K streaming sources to Blu-ray and gain a better understanding of how to enjoy different media sources on your TV display.

Stick around our showroom to demo our surround sound solutions, gain insight on proper room acoustics, and learn how to best optimize your media room for high-quality viewing at any time of day. You may have done some research before stepping into our showroom, but that’s not at all required. Our team of AV experts has the proper skills and experience to best guide you toward the right Sony solution for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Step inside our showroom today to confidently find the perfect AV solutions for your home with the help of our team. We tailor every tour to you and your needs for a personalized and unbeatable experience you simply won’t get anywhere else. For more information, reach out on our contact page or connect via live chat below now. We look forward to assisting you!