Why We Love Control4 for Utah Homes

A Few “C” Reasons This Solution Holds the Key to Impressive Smart Home Automation 

If you’ve been reading about smart home developments for a while, you know that the custom integration industry boasts a few different system brands and countless DIY tools. However, nothing we’ve found rivals the user experience and comprehensive functionalities of Control4, and we’ll show you why in this blog.  
As integrators, we at AVWORX have explored many automation tools and connected devices. We know how those smart home solutions feel to the end-user, how they play with popular devices, and how customizable they are when you want to adjust or upgrade your Bountiful-area home. And to us, nothing beats these four outstanding traits across the brand, so stay tuned.

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Now that many of us are staying home more, homeowners today are looking for a control system that maximizes comfort to promote a sense of wellbeing. And as you well know, Utah experiences some cold weather in the winter months. Control4 keeps you cozy by managing HVAC, humidity control, air quality, and radiant flooring. 
The only truly comfortable home is a safe home. Control4 has its own proprietary video doorbell, the Chime, which is custom made to integrate with their Smart Home OS 3. Control4 sends customized notifications based on your preferences. Some want to know every time the nanny arrives and leaves, for example, while other homeowners prefer emergency notifications. We’ll program notification settings for your lifestyle.

Control Options 

Many people appreciate the traditional feel of a standard remote control, with its familiar tactile buttons. Others want to control everything with their voice or through sleek touchpads placed throughout the house. Control4 gives you the control that feels most natural to you or even a combination of options. Also, you’ll enjoy system access via mobile device, whether you’re at home, running errands or on a tropical island.  

Even if you don’t typically opt for remotes, Control4’s powerful and attractive Neeo remote might change your mind: It features buttons and a 3-inch touchscreen that can adjust everything from lights to HVAC to security — without leaving your comfy media room recliner


Imagine that it’s been a long day, and all you want is to order a pizza and watch a movie. You’re settled in and perhaps you don’t want to get up. Because of modern technology and Control4, you barely need to move to have dinner served. Just by tapping your phone, you can call the pizza restaurant and order food; here’s where Control4 helps — you can also tap your phone once more to let the delivery person in and use a video doorbell to provide special instructions as to where to leave your delicious dinner.  


Did we save the best for last? Quite possibly. Control4 works with thousands — almost 16,000 — third-party devices. Hand-pick what you want to use with your automation system, and you likely won’t need to sacrifice anything. 

According to their website, “No matter what devices or systems are in your home, chances are, Control4 can control and manage them. From the pool to thermostats, gates to garage doors, entertainment to security systems—and almost anything in between—our open platform and commitment to interoperability gives you the most in third-party choice.” 

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