Why Choose AVWORX as Your Home Audio Consultant?

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Audio Solution for Your Needs 

You don’t have to be an audiophile to want a quality home audio system that sounds good and looks nice. Even casual music listeners can agree that walking around the house with earbuds or relying on a smartphone speaker to enjoy your favorite tunes simply doesn’t cut it. 

Home audio setups range from wireless plug-and-play smart speakers to hefty, high-powered stereo systems equipped with preamplifiers, amplifiers, and media sources. Some setups are single-room, and some cover every room in the home—including outdoors. The setup depends entirely on your needs. 

If you’re hoping to add an audio system to your Farmington, UT home, call on the home audio consultants at AVWORX for assistance! Keep reading to learn what to expect when you work with us. 

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We Partner with the Industry’s Best Brands 

For over 30 years, our team at AVWORX has been providing the best in high-performance audio solutions for homeowners in Farmington and the greater Salt Lake City area. We’re proud to partner with industry-leading brands like MartinLogan, Focal, Paradigm, Bluesound, Sonus faber, and more.  

We’re also in close contact with our manufacturer partners, which allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest innovations in home audio. Whether it’s a new wireless outdoor speaker from Sonos, a limited-edition turntable from Pro-Ject, or the latest release of AV receivers from Anthem, we’re on it. 

We Have a State-of-the-Art Showroom 

Audio is truly a tangible experience. You can read everything there is to read on the internet about speakers and amplifiers, but to know if a solution is right for you, you need to hear it for yourself. For that reason, we’re thrilled to have a state-of-the-art showroom in town that you can visit! 

Come experience the latest audio technology for home theater, 2-channel, multi-room, and outdoor applications. Our showroom features a dedicated listening room and home theater space where you can sit down and rediscover your love for music and cinema through class-leading speakers and systems.  

Our team of experts will be there to show you around, answer your questions, and make suggestions based on your unique listening needs, environment, style preferences, and budget. 

We Provide the Services and Maintenance You Need 

We don’t just know our stuff. We deliver, too! The AVWORX team is armed with experienced technicians who are professionally trained to design and install your home audio system. We pride ourselves on masterful craftsmanship, excellent service, and close client relationships. We may leave after installation, but it isn’t goodbye! We’ll be there to service your system should anything go awry. 

From soundbars to in-wall speakers to distributed audio to landscape speakers and so much more, the options for home audio systems are many. Finding the right solution doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our team is perfectly positioned to assist you and turn your vision into reality. 

Learn more about our home audio solutions or talk with us about your project by reaching out here or sending us a message in the chat box below! We look forward to hearing from you.