Which Outdoor Speakers Will Work Best for Your Restaurant?

Use This Brief Commercial Audio Guide to Help You Plan Your Project

It’s no secret that restaurants in Salt Lake City and the rest of Utah have closed their doors to dine-in customers amid the health crisis. While it’s a very difficult time in the restaurant business, the closures may afford the opportunity to install some attractive upgrades to entice customers back once it’s safe to open again.

One surefire way to attract patrons to your eatery is with music. Everyone is itching to go back to bars and restaurants for the engaging experience they offer, and music can play a key role. Especially as the weather becomes more inviting, we recommend you invest in quality outdoor speakers that not only attract passersby but keep the experience alive on the patio and in outdoor waiting areas.

We’ve prepared a handy and brief commercial audio guide below to narrow down which speakers may be best for your restaurant, as well as what else you’ll need for a complete restaurant audio system.

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Key Questions to Consider First

The best speakers for your outdoor spaces will be based on a variety of factors. Instead of researching for “best outdoor speakers” and selecting the first pick, consider the following questions first. You can also expect our speaker system installers to ask you these questions, so it’s best to be prepared.

  1. How large are the areas you want covered?
  2. How are these spaces used? For dining? Recreation? Is it a waiting area for customers?
  3. How many people usually assemble in your outdoor spaces?
  4. Do you want to use your audio system for soft background music or loud announcements? Or both?

Types of Speakers for Your Outdoor Spaces

Regardless of the speakers you choose, they’ll need to stand up to the elements. Many outdoor speakers are weatherproof while some are only weather-resistant. The latter will require protection especially from rain, so be sure these are installed under eaves or inside a covered patio area.

If you have large outdoor landscaped areas, for wide dispersion of soft yet clear music we recommend satellite speakers. Landscape satellites are designed to cover vast areas with even sound and can be easily scaled to expand if needed. Speakers and subwoofers cleverly camouflage among your gardens and greenery and feature all-weather design and construction to ensure years of reliable form and function.

For more intimate outdoor spaces, such as a terrace or covered waiting area, we recommend surface-mount stereo speakers that deliver detailed, immersive sound for smaller spaces. A more aesthetically pleasing solution may be in-surface speakers that mount flush with your walls and ceilings and can be painted to match your surfaces. However, surface-mount speakers are much quicker to install and most are also paintable, so you can select the best color to blend with the surroundings.

A Couple More Things You’ll Need

Of course, a restaurant audio system is much more than just speakers. You’ll need a high-powered amplifier to run all the speakers in and outside your restaurant, speaker wire, source components, and volume control. But don’t worry—our team will recommend all the necessary equipment to create a professional and easy-to-use audio system for your restaurant.

Want to control various zones of music throughout your restaurant from a single device? That’s where audio distribution comes in handy. A centralized control system lets you and your staff adjust the audio in any and every zone of your restaurant from one interface, providing seamless listening enjoyment for indoor and outdoor customers. All endpoints and sources will be easily available to you on a single screen where you and your staff can change songs, adjust volume, and more in just a tap.

Attract more patrons with quality sound that defies the elements and is easy to control. From design and installation to ongoing support, our audio experts at AVWORX are here to assist. Start planning your project today by contacting us here or sending us a live chat below.