Which Outdoor Speakers Are Best for Your Backyard?

Bring Your Music Outdoors This Fall with the Right Sound System

While the Utah weather is warm, now is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors with BBQ picnics, poolside parties, and more. But even as summer turns to fall, backyard spaces are still an excellent host for outdoor activities like gathering around an outdoor fireplace and watching football.

Whatever the event and time of year, nothing livens up the outdoor fun better than music. If you don’t already have an outdoor sound system you love, let our team at AVWORX be your guide! Read below to explore three popular speaker solutions for outdoor spaces to decide which would be best for your unique Ogden-area backyard.

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Landscape Satellite Speakers

Landscape satellite speakers envelop your backyard with evenly dispersed audio from every corner of your expansive space by strategically blending in with your gardens and foliage. Built to withstand the elements, these UV-resistant, weatherproof stake-mount speakers work reliably with no need for coverage or protection.

Camouflage your speakers even more by opting for rock landscape speakers from SpeakerCraft, which are constructed to look like real rocks and stones in order to complement and blend in with their environment. Weatherproof and fade-resistant, rock speakers are a great solution for those who want to enjoy sightless audio that doesn’t distract from their beautiful landscaping.

Wall-Mounted Speakers

If you prefer to keep music in a more concentrated area, such as a cabana or patio, then wall-mounted stereo speakers may be a better solution. These outdoor speakers are designed to be mounted just about anywhere—on exterior walls, under eaves, on pillars, and more.

Like landscape speakers, wall-mounted stereo speakers withstand water, debris, UV rays, and corrosion with no protection required. They even operate in subfreezing and scorching temperatures so you can enjoy your favorite music no matter the season. Wall-mounted stereo speakers create a layered music experience with stereo or even multichannel audio in a more concentrated space for truer sound reproduction. Though different, both satellite and wall-mounted speakers are solid options depending on how you’d like to use your outdoor sound system.

Bollard Loudspeakers

Make a statement with beautiful Bollard loudspeakers from Origin Acoustics that stand proudly throughout your backyard in black, silver, or brass metal. Different from the brown plastic materials that landscape speakers are commonly made with, Bollard speakers offer an artful touch to your backyard instead of hiding away behind trees and plants.

The Bollard speaker is a single unit with both a subwoofer and a mid/high-frequency satellite in the same enclosure. The subwoofer section of the speaker is buried in the ground, leaving only the pillar section exposed. The sound from both the subwoofer and satellite emanate from clean-cut slots in the upper portion of the pillar section, creating a uniform, full-frequency soundscape.

Though these are three popular speaker options for any unique backyard, you’re certainly not limited to just one. Whatever your vision, our team at AVWORX can help you create the perfect sonic experience to elevate any outdoor activity. Connect with us here or send us a live chat below for a free consultation. We look forward to assisting you!