When Are Architectural Speakers the Right Choice for Your Home?

Enjoy the Flexibility of Sightless High-Fidelity Audio Equipment

You invest a lot of time and money into uniquely styling your living spaces, whether on your own or with a professional interior designer. It’s no wonder many homeowners prefer architectural (built-in) audio solutions that offer uncompromising sound without intruding on their home décor.

But interior design isn’t the only reason concealed high-fidelity audio equipment might be the better choice when selecting the right speaker solutions for your Layton, UT home. Keep reading to explore three situations for which architectural speakers may take the cake over floor-standing or shelf speakers.

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You Prefer a More Flexible Home Layout

Whether you have a minimal-style home or desire the freedom to change up the layout of your spaces at will, mounting your speakers in the walls and ceilings gives you that flexibility to be creative without having to wonder where to move your speakers.

We work with brands like Origin Acoustics, Monitor Audio, and SpeakerCraft, which offer impeccable in-wall and in-ceiling speaker solutions that deliver uncompromising high-fidelity sound without getting in the way of your home layout.

Enjoy sightless audio in any or every room of your home through grille-painted or fabric-covered speakers that fit flush with your walls and ceilings so you never have to worry about bulky speaker solutions that take up valuable floor and shelf space in your home. Even if you rearrange your furniture, when you select tweeter-pivoting speakers your audio can always be directed to the listening area.

You Want the Most Out of Your Home Theater Experience

Your home theater isn’t complete without a surround sound system that immerses you into the action of your favorite films and video games. By adding in-ceiling speakers to your home theater speaker setup, you can maximize your audio experience by creating a 360-degree soundscape that simulates the audio experience you get at the nearby cinema.

With a surround sound system that includes ceiling speakers, you can also take advantage of audio formats like Dolby Atmos, which creates a transformative soundscape that moves around you in three-dimensional space without being constrained to channels for the most immersive audio experience.

Adding overhead speakers also adds height to the audio of your movies and video games, creating a realistic and enveloping sound field. Enjoy an unbeatable movie and gaming experience with the astonishing clarity, depth, richness, and detail of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X soundtracks.

You’re Building a New Home

The ideal time to install architectural speakers throughout your home is when you’re in the process of building it. Wiring speakers before the drywall goes up is less messy, less time consuming, and less costly. However, it can still be done in a lived-in home if your heart is set on a wired installation. Today’s wireless audio technology has created many solutions that can minimize the amount of wiring necessary for a multiroom audio setup. Depending on your project, our team at AVWORX can recommend the best solution that will beautifully fit your budget and audio preferences.

Learn more about the benefits of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers for your home audio system by connecting with our team here or sending us a live chat below. You can even visit our local showroom and experience our wide selection of speaker solutions in house! Our staff of AV experts will be happy to help with every step of your project.