What’s the Best Way to Bring Music to Your Backyard?

No Matter How You Like to Listen, There’s a Perfect Outdoor Sound System for You

We don’t have to tell you how much value music adds to any gathering—indoors or out. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re already interested in adding music to your backyard but might need guidance in choosing the right outdoor sound system. We aim to offer you that guidance below!

Whether you’re looking to add music throughout a large estate or simply want stereo sound under a small patio, there’s a high-quality outdoor speaker solution for you. Read to learn four ways you might enjoy music in your Layton, UT backyard and discover the perfect sound system match for each.

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In the Gardens

For open outdoor spaces of any size, consider a landscape speaker system like the Garden Array by Triad. The Garden Array is a family of premium, all-weather landscape speakers that are specially designed to blend with your gardens and flowerbeds while delivering rich, even sound.

The Triad Garden Array is completely scalable—a perfect solution for backyards big and small. Each satellite speaker is built around an ultra-broad dispersion driver that provides 150-degree sound coverage without beaming or hot spotting. Plus, their 10-inch subs can be buried or placed on a patio or deck if burial isn’t ideal for your landscape! Learn more about the Triad Garden Array series here.

Around the Pool

If you prefer a natural aesthetic in areas of your backyard where speakers can’t easily hide, rock speakers are a great contender. Consider rock speakers from Origin Acoustics, which are made from a durable, stone-like polypropylene/resin composite to look just like real rocks.

Perfect for areas like around the pool or open seating spaces, rock speakers from Origin Acoustics can survive the harshest elements while providing high-quality sound for years. Choose from 6-inch or 8-inch two-way designs and throw in an additional 8-inch sub for more punching bass.

Under the Porch

If you want to bring music to a more concentrated area, like a covered porch or patio, then consider outdoor wall-mount stereo speakers like those from MartinLogan. Looking at their ML-75AW series, these speakers feature a 7½-inch mineral-filled polypropylene bass driver and a 1-inch dome tweeter to ensure great performance despite combative outdoor sound.

All MartinLogan outdoor wall-mount speakers provide the utmost protection from harsh weather elements and can be precisely swiveled to deliver music right where you want it.

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On the Go

The versatile and spontaneous music listener might prefer an outdoor speaker system that can go with them anywhere—from indoors to outdoors to the park and beyond. If that’s intriguing to you, then you’ll love the Sonos Move portable smart speaker.

This powerful yet compact speaker stands up to the elements, offers surprisingly powerful bass for its size, and comes with Sonos’ proprietary Trueplay automatic tuning, which adapts the sound for wherever you are. Stream over Wi-Fi when connectivity is available, then switch to Bluetooth when you’re offline! Plus, voice control makes it easy to manage your music.

The AVWORX team offers all these outdoor sound systems and more! We can help recommend the right solution for your budget, environment, and music needs—then install it for you, too. Learn more about our outdoor audio solutions by visiting our showroom, filling out our contact form, or messaging us in the chat box below.