What to Expect When You Work with a Home Theater Company

Trust Our Professionals to Create a Wow-Factor Entertainment Zone

DIY home improvement projects can be a fun endeavor with the right skills and perseverance. In fact, the last year saw a steep rise in DIY home improvement activity since many homeowners in Bountiful, UT and beyond were stuck indoors and had more time on their hands.

But even with all the time in the world, some projects require the help of a professional for top-quality results. If you’re considering adding a theater or media room to your home and want a wow-factor entertainment experience, you’ll save a lot of frustration by leaving it up to a professional home theater company that’s well versed in the complexities of design, installation, and integration.

Read on to learn what to expect when you partner with AVWORX to create your dream home theater.

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Optimized Room Design

It isn’t technology alone that makes a home theater great. Room design is just as important, if not more important, than the gear that makes up your home theater system. When room design isn’t considered first, you risk uneven, uncomfortable, and lackluster viewing and auditory experiences.

Once we begin designing your theater or media room, we drive decisions for display and speaker placement based on theater seating first to ensure every seat in the room is optimized for top visual and sound quality. First-row and back-row seats will enjoy a centered, unobstructed view of the screen that’s just the right distance away, and sound will hit evenly and powerfully from all directions.

Clean and Efficient Installation

There’s a lot of wiring that goes into installing a home theater system: cable runs from the projector to the receiver and source components, cable runs from speakers to amps, and of course cable runs for powering your gear. Depending on your setup, wires can quickly become an eyesore and hazard if the installation isn’t handled by a professional with care.

We organize all wires and cables and efficiently run them through your walls or conceal them under discreet cord covers so no web of wires ruins the aesthetic of your home theater or poses a danger.

Simple Control

Unfortunately, the more equipment you have in your home theater, the more time you’ll spend turning everything on and adjusting it to suit your entertainment. There’s a controller for your display, cable box, speaker system, gaming console, Blu-ray player… the list grows, and so does the pile of remotes.

Our team can integrate everything into one simple-to-use control platform so that turning on a movie is as easy as a button press. Integrated room control connects all your technology so you can access everything from a universal remote or app. Just a tap of the “Movie” button can drop your screen, activate the projector, power on the sound, and even dim the lights and close the shades.

Customized Bells and Whistles

Perhaps the biggest advantage of working with a professional home theater company is bringing your wildest home theater dreams to life. Want your ceiling to look like a starry night sky? Want your display to pop with a color-changing LED backlight? Want customized leather loungers that come with USB ports and retractable snack trays? Want your speakers to hide entirely behind walls and ceilings?

You get the point. Whatever your vision, we’ll work with you to create it. We’re passionate about bringing the magic to your entertainment space. From multipurpose media rooms to luxury private cinemas, we’ve done it all and would love to help you build yours.

If you’re interested in partnering with AVWORX on your next entertainment project, contact us here or send us a live chat below to book a free consultation! We look forward to hearing from you.