What Makes a Smart Home Company Smart?  

Limitless Possibilities Rely on Custom-Tailored Design and Integration

Smart homes are taking the world by storm, and the technology that’s made them possible seems to transform daily. Whether you’re just starting out or are well on your way to the smart home of your dreams, it’s important to understand just what today’s world of automation offers. 

Anyone can have lights and TVs that turn on and off with voice commands. Not everyone, however, has the kind of home that responds to their daily needs and enhances their lives in once unfathomable ways. That requires personalization—a type of customization that considers everyday activities and dreams. 

As a smart home company with over 30 years of experience, we’ve witnessed the transformation and the number of new companies entering this burgeoning field. However, not all are created equal. Let’s look at just what customization means to homeowners looking to build or transform their current home into a smart home. 

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The Active Lifestyle

Today’s smart homes truly offer an almost limitless array of possibilities. Where do you start? We’ll begin by sitting down with a cup of coffee and taking the time to understand your needs, dreams, and daily activities. Only then can you truly create the kind of smart home that changes lives. 

Some of our clients are active go-getters that rise early, come home late, and spend their weekends biking and hiking the mountains and canyons that call Utah home. They want a home that responds to their needs before they even have to ask. 

We’ll set the lighting, shades, and temperature to adjust throughout the day, based on occupancy and natural light. When they’re gone for the weekend, their home will look occupied with lights that dim and brighten and shades that open and close. Their security system will respond to any activity, except for the nightly squirrel visit, and they’ll receive a notification and a video should anything out of the ordinary occur.

The Home as an Oasis

Other clients use their home as a refuge, a retreat from the everyday world and affairs, and a place to relax with friends and family over the weekend. This family may best be served with an outdoor entertainment system connected to their home automation. We’ll set up the system with one of today’s smart outdoor 4K high-definition TVs that produce brilliant images even in full sun. 

We may install outdoor loudspeakers throughout their landscape area including in-ground subwoofers. No matter where they are, in the garden, pool, or outdoor entertainment area, they’ll hear the kind of sound that envelops them. Their whole-home audio system will ensure the music and audio travels throughout their home, as well. By installing zones, we can ensure that family members can listen to different content, whether streaming music, podcasts, or the big game at the same time in different rooms. 

And everything, from audio, video, lighting, shades, temperature, and security is controlled from one user-friendly interface.

Choosing Your Smart Home Company

At AWORX, we’re thrilled to help our clients create smart homes that exceed their expectations and surprise them. We call many of these clients our friends as we continue to upgrade and enhance their smart homes as their families and needs change over time. To learn more about smart home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact AVWORX today.