What Can You Do with Home Automation?

While the Options Are Endless, Get Inspired with These Ideas 

The best home automation systems allow users to enjoy simple, personalized smart home experiences no matter what their lives look like or what their goals are. Interacting with your smart home is natural and fun, regardless of where you are or what you’re trying to accomplish. 

At the same time, home automation can feel overwhelming when you’re starting out if you’re unsure how you want to use it. If you’re interested in home automation but need some guidance on how to begin, we recommend partnering with a home automation company like AVWORX to discuss your needs and suggest the best solutions. 

In the meantime, gain some inspiration for your smart home project in Ogden, UT by exploring a few ways you can make the most of home automation below. 

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Live Greener with Smart Lighting and Climate Control 

Are you looking for smarter ways to save energy and reduce utility bills? A home automation system can integrate lightingmotorized window treatments, and thermostats so that these devices are readily available to you from an app, wall keypad, or voice command. Monitor their status from anywhere in the home—or outside the home—and make quick adjustments at any time. 

Automate these devices to work together to keep your home comfortable while saving energy. When a room gets too warm, sensors can trigger shades to close and keep sunlight out. If you like to take advantage of natural light, sensors can measure the intensity of ambient light in a room and keep artificial lights off or dimmed until daylight fades into the evening. These are just a few examples! 

Transform How You Entertain with Whole-Home AV 

Do you dream of simpler whole-home entertainment control? A home automation system can help! Say goodbye to juggling a bunch of remotes for TVs, speaker systems, streamers, receivers, and more. Instead, you can manage everything everywhere from one streamlined interface. 

A home automation system like Control4 stores all your media in one place and distributes it to every TV and speaker system in the home so you can effortlessly access anything you want anywhere you want. From a sleek touch panel, mobile app, or universal remote, just tap what you want to listen to or watch and where, whether it’s throughout the whole house or in a few select rooms. 

Strengthen Peace of Mind with Smart Home Security 

You may have smart door locks, a video doorbell, and smart surveillance cameras installed in and outside the home for improved property security and peace of mind. With home automation, you can bolster home security even more by integrating your disparate security devices to work together. 

For example, if your outdoor surveillance cameras detect motion on the property, landscape floodlights can activate to scare away potential intruders. If someone is on the front porch, live surveillance footage from your video doorbell can display on your TV as you watch a movie so you can see what’s happening. 

Want to know when the garage door opens, when the kids get home from school, or if there’s a water leak in the house? Your home automation system can send you an alert to your smartphone, so you’re always in the know. Monitor and control everything from one place for ultimate peace of mind. 

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