What Can an Audio Video Installation Look Like at Your Home?


Explore the Many Possibilities of Home Audio and Video Distribution


At AVWORX, we know home audio and video systems can come in many different forms.

From single-room to whole-house solutions, we believe there never is a one-size-fits-all system; each should be customized to your family’s preferences. And there is a world of possibilities available.

If you want to upgrade the entertainment systems at your Ogden-area house, the Layton-based team at AVWORX is ready to help. Our team has decades of combined experience designing, installing and replacing home audio and video systems for Utah homeowners.

In this blog, we explore some of the possibilities for a brand-new audio video installation at your home. Simply keep reading below to learn more.


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Distributed Video Systems

Do you hate having cable and satellite boxes at every TV in your house, alongside Blu-ray players and media streaming devices?

Do you always struggle to find the correct remote – whether it’s hidden somewhere in your furniture or mixed up among the several others you might own?

You might have accepted these annoyances as part of your day-to-day routine, but a video distribution solution is designed to combat these exact problems.

By centralizing your video sources in one location and distributing them through a matrix switch to your TVs located throughout your home, you can eliminate the hassle of having several boxes alongside each TV.

Our team at AVWORX also can centralize control of your home’s many TVs and video sources through a universal remote or a smartphone or tablet application. Just select the room you want to watch from through the easy-to-maneuver user interface, choose your video source and begin watching.


Multi-Room or Whole-House Audio

In today’s world, you can bring your favorite music with you anywhere you go. All of your favorite songs are accessible from your pocket, whether you’re at home or you’re halfway around the world.

When you’re at home, though, you can’t rely on your smartphone to deliver music to an entire room – or multiple rooms simultaneously.

If you enjoy having background music as you relax at home or often host gatherings at your house, a multi-room or whole-house audio solution might be the perfect fit.

We can design and install an entirely customized speaker solution that delivers your favorite music to preferred areas throughout your house – even outdoors. These speakers can either be wired or wireless, ensuring that there is an available solution for any property.

Best of all, you can manage a whole-house or multi-room audio system directly from your smart device of choice. You can select the Spotify playlist you want to listen to, the rooms you want to listen in and begin enjoying your favorite tunes within moments.

You even can split a multi-room audio system into distinct listening zones so that while the kids playing outside by the pool can listen to their favorite tracks, for example, the adults lounging inside can listen to a more calming playlist without interruption.


Single-Room Solutions

Of course, an audio video installation doesn’t have to be for a whole-home or multi-room application.

In fact, you can overhaul an existing room in your home and turn it into the ultimate viewing or listening space.

Not only are we home theater design and installation experts with years of experience in crafting customized spaces for Utah homeowners, but we also can convert a space in your home into the ultimate listening room.

Imagine sitting on the couch and closing your eyes as high-performance speakers deliver your favorite songs in intricate detail – with every note, every beat accentuated in lifelike, high-fidelity quality.

Our team not only can help you find the perfect pair of speakers for your brand-new listening room, but we also can precisely install them for your enjoyment.


From single-room to whole-house solutions, our team at AVWORX can deliver you an audio video installation entirely customized to your family’s preferences.

All it takes to get started on your project is to reach out to our team today. Get in touch with us now by either chatting with us below or giving us a call at (801) 774-8080. We look forward to hearing from you!