Want to Bring the MartinLogan Sound You Love to the Outdoors?

You Can with MartinLogan’s Outdoor Living ™ Sound System

Options for outdoor speakers for plentiful, but not all prioritize audio performance. If you’re looking for a backyard sound system, why not look first to the brands you trust for high-quality audio indoors?

One such contender is MartinLogan, a name most recognized for their signature electrostatic loudspeakers. By applying their decades of experience in designing class-leading speakers for inside the home, MartinLogan brings true high-performance sound outside through their Outdoor Living series.

Learn about MartinLogan’s Outdoor Living series below and decide if it’s the right outdoor sound system for your Salt Lake City, UT property.

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All-Weather Satellites and Subs

The Outdoor Living series consists of four speakers: two satellite speakers, called Outdoor SAT 40 and SAT 60, and two subterranean subwoofers known as the Dynamo Outdoor SUB 100 and SUB 120. The satellites feature a 0.75-inch aluminum dome tweeter and either a four-inch or six-inch poly cone mid-woofer, while the subwoofers feature either a 10-inch or 12-inch driver.

The sealed, waterproof and weather-resistant satellite speaker enclosures are molded in fade-resistant thermoplastic and tinted to blend beautifully with your backyard. Each speaker features exclusive MartinLogan speaker technology to deliver a dynamic, natural sound that’s unmatched by competitors.

The Outdoor Living subwoofers, which live underground save for an unobtrusive mushroom cap port, add deep bass to an expansive area without extraneous vibration or chuffing. They’re also waterproof and can even withstand flooding rains as well as extreme temperatures.

Scale for Any Size Backyard

Unlike many other outdoor sound systems, MartinLogan’s Outdoor Living series is easily scalable. You can start with a pair of satellites and a sub for the patio and expand as your needs change. A wonderfully flexible system, the Outdoor Living series is great for any size outdoor living space.

Power your Outdoor Living system with MartinLogan’s Crown Amplifier, which comes pre-loaded with the correct settings to accommodate many different speaker setups. The Crown Amplifier can be configured for both 8 Ohm and 70V systems and has a programmable DSP, making it a go-to amplifier for high-performance outdoor speaker systems.

Mount Speakers Anywhere

On the ground, on a deck, in a tree, under an eave… Outdoor Living satellite speakers can go virtually anywhere to deliver the sound coverage you desire. The satellites feature three mounting options: a ground stake, burial conduit junction, and surface-mount bracket for decks or walls. These options give you the flexibility to choose the best placement for your speakers, no matter how diverse your terrain.

Of course, the best way to ensure the optimal sound coverage for your backyard is to work with a MartinLogan dealer like AVWORX who can recommend the type and number of speakers and installation method that best suits your unique landscape.

As an experienced audio consultant serving the Salt Lake City area, our team would love to help build your dream outdoor sound system. To learn more about our services and solutions, contact us here, message us in the chat box below, or stop by our Layton showroom! We’re excited to hear from you.