Traveling Away From Home? Consider a Security Camera Installation Before You Leave

AVWORX is Your Trusted Security & Surveillance System Partner in Utah

The holidays may be over, but it’s always an excellent idea to take some time for yourself and travel when you get the chance. Before leaving your Ogden-area home, though, consider how to keep your property safe and secure while you’re away. 

Take a look at a few of the features you’ll enjoy with a security camera installation from AVWORX, then give us a call at 801-774-8080 to get squared away before your next extended stay away from your Utah home.

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Remote Video Access

What if you’re lounging on the beach in the Bahamas and get a nagging feeling in your stomach that something happened on your property? There’s no need to fret. Simply pull out your smartphone and pull up your security app. From there, you can view previously recorded footage and a high-resolution live feed. Breathe a sigh of relief once you are able to put your mind at ease.

Notifications on Your Smartphone

You can be away on an extended holiday trip or across town at the grocery store yet still be aware of what’s happening on your Utah property. Did a person walk across your yard, or did someone ring your video doorbell? You’ll receive a push notification on your smartphone if any disturbances are detected. From there, you can view and speak with the person at the door or peek at the security cameras installed on the perimeter of your home. 

Alarm System

A high-performing security camera installation will include an alarm system and motion sensors at key locations of your property. Get notified via smartphone alert or have a noise sound on-site whenever a door or window opens. If your home is breached, you’ll receive an alert and can contact local law enforcement in seconds. Your home is safe, secured, and protected with AVWORX.

More Than Burglary Prevention

Home protection goes beyond surveillance cameras and alarm system installations. According to Forbes, the average water damage insurance claim costs approximately $10,900. To reduce the amount of water damage to your property during a water leak or related emergency, you can integrate smart water leak sensors. Placed next to toilets, washing machines, water heaters, and other areas leaking is known to occur, these sensors alert you immediately if flooding occurs in a space, then be able to respond to the emergency quickly. You could save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by having the ability to respond immediately!


AVWORX is your local security camera and alarm system installation expert. For an in-home security consultation, connect with us using our online form or chat at the bottom of your screen. We can’t wait to help you with your home safety needs!