Travel Stress-Free This Holiday with a Smart Surveillance System

Stay Connected to What Matters Most No Matter How Far Away You Roam

We often hear that there’s no place like home for the holidays, but not everyone stays put during this time of year. Some plan extended vacations to warmer climates or to visit family while others travel for work.

Leaving your Ogden, UT home for any time period puts your property in danger of potential intrusion. Without a smart surveillance camera system that keeps you connected to your home via remote monitoring, real-time alerts, and more, you may not know of any theft, damage, or other notable activity until it’s too late.

This season, travel stress-free by staying connected to what matters most with a smart home surveillance system. Read below to explore three ways you can take advantage of this solution while you’re away from home this holiday.

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Watch for Package Deliveries

Package theft is at an all-time high—thanks to the rising era of online shopping—and the influx of deliveries during the holidays only adds fuel to the fire. Instead of hoping your packages are still waiting for you when you get back from traveling, keep an eye on them from around the globe with a smart surveillance system.

After you’ve received an alert from your delivery service that your packages have arrived, check via your mobile app to view the packages through connected front porch cameras and ensure your deliveries are safely sitting on your porch. Then call a neighbor to hold them for you until you arrive from your travels.

Receive Alerts for Detected Motion

Sometimes your neighbors aren’t available to hold on to your packages while you’re away from home, which can leave your deliveries exposed. A smart surveillance system can watch for motion on and around your front porch and send real-time alerts to your smartphone when activity is detected so you can stay on top of any potential theft.

While you may not be able to stop someone from stealing items from your porch while you’re away, a smart surveillance system will record the footage in crystal-clear HD video at any time of day or night.  The sharp, high resolution images can capture details like facial characteristics or license plate numbers that will help authorities catch the perpetrators.

Real-time alerts are helpful for potential intrusion and other notable activity, too. Whether someone is lingering at your door, a window breaks, or your dog is jumping on the couch, your surveillance system can instantly alert you of motion and open real-time video footage of the activity on your smartphone so you can immediately view what’s happening.

Save the Special Moments

While a smart surveillance system keeps you connected to your home while you’re away, it can also keep you connected to special moments you may miss while on the road for work this holiday. Watch your family open presents, view your pets playing in the backyard, and hold on to the memory of your loved ones’ smiling faces when you arrive back home after your travels.

Our team at AVWORX partners with Luma Surveillance, which offers crystal-clear, high-definition video in full color during the day and night so you can see the finer details in life. While grainy, jumpy video is typically the expectation for security cameras, Luma is different. Luma knows you aren’t just capturing pictures; you’re capturing moments.

If you’re ready to learn how to incorporate a smart surveillance camera system into your home just in time for the holiday season, connect with us today by filling out our online contact form, sending us a chat below, or visiting our local showroom. We look forward to serving you!