The Latest Technology in Today’s Landscape Lighting

Tips for Creating Lighted Landscapes Worthy of Instagram

There was a time when landscape lighting was a simple process that involved placing a few recessed lights along the front entrance, some spotlights to highlight a few features, and some downlights that cast light from the taller trees. Today, landscape lighting has become a work of art, a nighttime painting of shapes and shadows, imagined fireflies, and candlelight.

Because lighting has become both functional and aesthetic, it often requires a designer’s touch to know just how much light to place where as well as the hue and intensity. As a landscape lighting designer, we thought we’d share some of the tricks we’ve learned over the years and how we shine the light on landscapes throughout Ogden, UT, to make them camera-ready.

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Highlighting Architectural Features

One of the tricks to creating a picturesque nighttime landscape is to hold back a little. It’s tempting to highlight every beautiful feature in your yard, but you can end up overdoing it a bit, which results in a washed outlook.

Instead, consider the play of light and dark, creating shadows amidst will-lit spaces and surprising splashes of color that draw attention to unique features and landscape. At AVWORX, we partner with cutting-edge industry leaders in home automation and lighting to create these distinct lighting landscapes. One of these brands is American Lighting.

Founded in 1989, they offer innovative lighting solutions utilizing the latest technologies. One of their lighting solutions is Trulux LED tape lighting, perfect for accent or mood lighting, as well as offering a beautiful way to illuminate stairs, railings, and pathways.

Creating a Sense of Magic

American Lighting also manufactures Twinkly Pro LEDs. These full-spectrum color lights enable homeowners to place magical twinkling star lights anywhere and in up to 16 million different colors. Choose different red, blue, and green shades for multicolor effects or amber, warm, white, and cool white for classical twinkling lights that mimic the stars.

The FX Wizard allows you to create stunning effects in minutes, choosing patterns, colors, intensity, speed, and direction. When your mood or activities change, your lighting can change too, with just one touch. A single Twinkly controller controls up to 1,500 LEDs.

Smart Customized Lighting

American Lighting’s Spectrum+ smart lighting system allows you to change the hue and intensity of any fixture. From soft pastels to vibrant, saturated colors, you have every color in the rainbow at your disposal.

Are you in the mood for an outdoor area that takes on the glow of golden candlelight? Or maybe you prefer arctic blue lights to highlight water features, twinkling bright white lights peeking from the trees, and a violet hue for the spa and pool area. You are truly limited only by your imagination.

American Lighting also offers one-touch lighting control from their Spectrum+ Smart Lighting App or simple voice control using voice assistants. Set up zones to control multiple lights at one time or control all your lights with just one touch.

Are you ready to take your landscape lighting to the next level? Like American Light, AVWORX began its journey into home automation and high-tech lighting design in 1989.

Today, we help homeowners achieve their dreams using the latest technology to create beautiful home environments that offer ease of living and enhance homeowners’ daily lifestyles. To learn more about landscape lighting or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact AVWORX today.