The Latest Home Audio Offers An Awe-Inspiring Experience 

Let a Home Audio Consultant Walk You Through the Many Possibilities in Today’s AV Systems

As the home automation and premier audio-video market expands, homeowners often find the many choices overwhelming. Do they start with a whole-home audio system or go whole-hog with a distributed audio-video system? Should they choose high-fidelity floorstanding speakers or architectural in-wall and in-ceiling speakers? And, if they go for the latter, what kind of performance can they expect?

When you add outdoor audio (and maybe video), a possible home theater or media room, and a smart home system that controls all your devices, many just put it on the back burner until they have time to investigate the possibilities. Unfortunately, getting to those postponed projects can turn from days to years. 

As a premier home audio consultant and smart home automation expert, AVWORX is uniquely positioned to provide our clients with the latest high-performance AV that’s easy to control and integrates with all home systems. We’ve been helping our clients create the home of their dreams in Bountiful, UT, and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. 

Let’s explore one of the many options. 

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Whole-Home and Outdoor Audio

There’s nothing much better than your home preparing itself for you in advance. A smart home can wake you in the morning and greet you when you return from work. It does this, in part, by learning your preferred audio sources and then playing them in select rooms or throughout your whole home and outdoor space. 

Schedule nature sounds to wake you in the morning as your blinds rise to let in the first light of day. Program your end-of-the-day playlist to begin when you pull into the driveway after work. Maybe you’d like your entrance and landscape lights to illuminate and your doors to unlock at the same time. Today, anything is possible.

distributed audio-video system brings all the once-disjointed devices into a coherent system. All the equipment is stored in a closet or cabinet. Nearly invisible in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are placed throughout your home, and landscape speakers are placed in your outdoor areas. Premier high-fidelity brands have entered the architectural speaker space, which means you get the same incredible sound once limited to floorstanding speakers. Your home’s design and aesthetics remain untouched while you hear music and audio surrounding you.

We partner with the best brands in the business to deliver the latest high-performance audio to our clients. We’ll walk you through the recent developments and make recommendations based on your space and intended application. 

Even better? Your whole home audio-video, lighting, climate, and security are controlled from one user-friendly platform. Simple yet sophisticated control of your audio system right in the palm of your hands! 

Unsurpassed Service

There’s a reason why we’ve been in business since 1989. In addition to our level of understanding and commitment to continually advancing our AV and home automation knowledge, it’s also our commitment to our clients. We are always one phone call away and eager to answer any of your questions or troubleshoot any issues. To learn more about our home audio consultant service or home automation, call AWORX today.