The Importance of Partnering with a Smart Home Consultant

The Possibilities of an Integrated Smart Home Are Endless

Today’s world of home automation continues to advance at an unprecedented pace. The latest technology seems to last for a month or two before another better and bigger advancement takes hold. At AVWORX, we’re dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends to ensure our clients receive the very best customized solutions on the market. 

Are you ready to take your smart home to the next level or begin the process of home automation? Let’s see how a smart home consultant can help your transform your Kaysville, UT, home and your family’s lifestyle. 

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The Latest Trends

While technology advances at a record pace, newer is not always better. A knowledgeable, smart home consultant knows the best smart home devices on the market and the ones that can make a worthwhile, significant difference in your life and in managing your home.

AVWORX smart home consultants take the time to understand our client’s lifestyles and daily routines. With this information in hand, we can create a customized solution that surpasses their expectations. 

As Control4’s first dealer, we have a unique understanding of how the company has evolved. Today, the Control4 Smart Home OS 3 connects with and controls nearly every device and system in your home in a manner that’s more user-friendly and personalized than ever before.

Creating a Comprehensive Integration

Did you know that Control4 integrates with about 14,000 third-party products? That means that a huge array of electronic devices in your home can be connected to the Control4 home automation system for customized home automation.

This type of integration results in a home that takes action before you even state a voice command or push a button. It means soft rays of sunlight that wake you in the morning when your blinds open at sunrise and soothing music or nature sounds that lull you to sleep. Your house may greet you when you arrive home from work with illuminated landscape and foyer lights, a heated spa, your favorite after-work playlist filling the rooms and yard, and a house set to the ideal temperature. 

Are you having a few friends over? It will start the ice in your Sub-Zero icemaker advance of the party and preheat your Wolf oven in anticipation of the coming dinner. 

Of course, all this and more is only possible in the hands of an experienced home automation integrator that understands the latest technology and what’s possible. Unfortunately, too many smart homes can become disjointed and fragmented, with some electronics connected and others left to their own devices. Unless you’re in the business, it’s difficult to take multiple devices and create a unified home that responds effortlessly.


Are you ready to see the difference a smart home can make in your life? To learn more about smart home automation or to schedule an appointment at our state-of-the-art showroom or a complimentary consultation, contact AVWORX today.