The Home Theater Design You Need for Next-Generation Gaming

Let AVWORX Help You Wring the Most Out of the New Xbox Series X and PS5 Consoles

The hottest new gaming consoles are almost here! Gamers in Morgan, UT and around the world are anticipating the releases of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 from Microsoft and Sony in November, both which promise more immersive and graphically impressive gaming experiences than ever before.

If you’re a die-hard gamer, now is the perfect time to consider a private home theater for jaw-dropping gaming. A proper home theater design and installation featuring the latest audio-video technologies will empower you to wring the best performance out of these next-generation consoles.

Read on to learn about the key components you’ll need for your home theater to level up your play.

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Immersive Display for 8K and High Frame Rate Gaming

The specs of Xbox Series X and PS5 are impressive indeed, with resolution being one of the standouts. Both consoles will support up to 8K HDR for true-to-life gaming. Though there are no 8K games yet, you can still enjoy a few in upscaled 8K—if you have an 8K display. Plus, having an 8K HDR display now will future-proof your home theater for 8K content that will inevitably come down the pipe.

Consider the Sony Z8H 8K LED TV, which is available in 75-inch and 85-inch models, or the Sony Z9G 8K LED TV, which is available in 85-inch and 98-inch models. Premier display brands like LG and Samsung also offer 8K displays. Our team can help you choose the best one for your home theater environment and budget.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to an 8K display if you’d rather have a projector and screen setup for immersive gaming. While no projectors are available in 8K yet, you can still enjoy spectacular gaming in 4K HDR with a variety of top-quality 4K HDR projectors from leading brands like Sony. Plus, there are many more games to choose from that offer either native or upscaling 4K resolution.

Better still, both Xbox Series X and PS5 support sensationally smooth frame rates of up to 60 frames per second (fps) at 8K resolution and 120fps at 4K resolution—doubling or even quadrupling the current frame rates featured in last generation consoles and resulting in judder-free gameplay. To reap these benefits, you’ll need a display with an HDMI 2.1 port for the increased bandwidth and 120fps support. Though HDMI 2.1 can only be found on select 4K and 8K TV models right now, we think it’s a smart investment if you’re looking to set up your home theater for optimal gaming now and in the future.

Surround System for 3D Sound

While a lot of gamers use headsets for sound, those who want maximum audio enjoyment that offers an edge in competitive games should opt for a high-quality surround sound system. You can’t go wrong with a 5.1 or 7.1 surround system as most games today support these configurations. Our team can install a discreet yet powerful surround system, as well as necessary acoustic treatment, so you can be enveloped in the action and dialogue without interruptions from ambient noise.

A leap beyond traditional surround sound is Dolby Atmos, an audio technology that frees sound from channels and instead places sound all around you in three-dimensional space so you can quickly pinpoint where something—or someone is coming from. Xbox Series X supports Dolby Atmos, which means you’ll need a surround sound setup that includes ceiling speakers, too. While PS5 doesn’t support Dolby Atmos, it does feature its own proprietary object-based spatial technology that will be capable of delivering 3D audio through your home theater surround system.

Seating for Long-Lasting Comfort

When you finally get your hands on a new console, you’ll likely find yourself playing for hours. All that bottom-to-chair time will require seating that’s meant for long-lasting comfort. Theater-style seats are perfect for gaming as they offer deep seat pans and motorized feet and headrests for ultimate comfort. Many models also feature cup holders, USB charging ports, outlets, and fold-down tables for snacks.

We recommend seats with thick leather padding for firm comfort that lasts into the night and motorized reclining capability for versatile range of motion. You can also select models with storage options, reading and aisle lights, touch screen mounts, and more. Our team can customize your seating to feature all the accessories you want for the perfect gaming experience.

AVWORX would love to help you create the ultimate home theater for next-generation gaming. From design to installation and ongoing support, we’re with you every step of the way. To learn how to get started, book a free consultation here or send us a live chat below to speak with a team member now.