The Holiday Season + Home Automation = A Great Time

Boost Your Holiday Spirit with Control4 Home Automation

The gamut of end-of-year holidays is upon us. First comes Halloween, then the rest quickly follow. From Thanksgiving to Hanukkah, Christmas to New Year’s Eve, the next few months will soon fly by, and most of us will have a variety of friends of family visiting our homes. Some of us may even travel for extended periods this holiday season, leaving our homes unsupervised in our absence.

Make sure your Utah home is ready for holiday festivities and travel this year with a Control4 home automation system. In this blog, we’ll talk about home security, whole-home audio, and more. Keep reading to ensure your Salt Lake City-area home is ready for the holiday season.

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Whole-Home Audio

There seems to be a playlist for just about every mood or holiday you can think of! If you haven’t created it already, it’s sure to exist elsewhere on your favorite streaming stations. While decorating your home with fall decorations or hanging stockings on the mantle, stream your favorite holiday playlists from Pandora or TIDAL, or choose from your personal media library.

Use a Control4 smart remote or use voice control to control any of your BlueOS-enabled Bluesound speakers to begin playing your tunes in one room, a specific zone (maybe just the downstairs area), or throughout your SLC-area home. Whole-home audio is also great for parties, with relaxing music in the kitchen where dinner is prepared and amped up jams in living areas where everyone congregates and enjoys themselves.

Watch Your Favorite Movies

Whether it’s the classic The Miracle on 34th Street or the more off-color National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, your home theater can serve as a great entertainment space during the holiday season. Make it a family affair with immersive audio and high-quality images. If you’d prefer a non-holiday movie, that’s perfect, too.

Whether you’d prefer the Sony Z9G 8K LCD TV or an Epson short-throw projector, AVWORX can integrate it all into a comprehensive Control4 home automation system. With the press of a button, any of your guests will be able to operate your smart home technology easily.

Home Security

Instead of leaving the door unlocked for the sake of convenience to let family enter when they arrive, be safe and secure with smart door locks. Provide single-user access codes for the family to use to enter your home or integrate your smart doorbell into a Control4 home automation system. From the convenience of your smartphone, you can speak with whoever is at your front door, then let them in with the press of a button.

You can also remotely monitor your high-quality surveillance camera system while you’re traveling over the holidays. Integrate smart lighting with your system, and with the Control4 Mockupancy feature, you can simulate the day-to-day activities to trick possible thieves from believing your home is empty around the holidays. Rest assured, your Salt Lake City home is safe when you’re away. If anything does occur, you can dispatch authorities to your home with your smart device.

No matter the holidays you’re celebrating this year, you’ll undoubtedly be sharing them with family and friends. Contact AVWORX today to ensure a merry and more secure holiday season. Call us at (801) 774-8080 for a free consultation, contact us online, or chat with our staff using the feature at the bottom of your browser. We can’t wait to hear from you.