The Combined Power of a Smart Home and Home Audio Consultant

The Benefits of Working with a Home Audio Consultant During Smart Home Installations

At AVWORX, we’ve been in the business of smart home integration and high-end audio-video installation since 1989. Our goal is to create a home that’s easy to manage while offering some of the best entertainment imaginable. 

As a home audio consultant serving Ogden, UT, and the surrounding areas, we provide the unique combination of expert hi-fi knowledge backed by automated home technology solutions. 

Let’s look at what this knowledge offers homeowners looking for the best audio and smart home solutions. 

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The Audio Experience

At AVWORX, we partner with leading brands in the audio world. These include Focal, Marantz, Sony, Totem Acoustic, and many more. Our unparalleled selection of audio equipment enables us to recommend the ideal component and set up for each unique environment and purpose.

Are you ready to transform your family room into your home’s entertainment epicenter? Maybe there’s a room or basement that would make a great media room or designated home theater. Many of our clients have become excited about the idea of a distributed audio system. 

We’ll take a look at your space and help you determine how best to utilize specific areas. Then, we’ll use our audio expertise to recommend the perfect equipment and setup, from floor standing speakers, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, soundbars, and much more. 

Movie Night

There will undoubtedly be one room where family members congregate for movie night, to watch the big game, or to binge on their favorite Netflix series. This room or space demands the type of sound that immerses the listener. 

We’ll discuss the audio equipment options that enable our certified technicians to create the sound stage that rivals those found in the best cinemas. It’s all about placement, calibration, and components. 

Whole-Home Audio

distributed audio setup integrates your home’s audio into an interconnected, centralized system. Imagine every room in your home filled with high-fidelity sound that’s coming from nearly invisible in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. All of the required equipment is tucked away in a closet, and listeners choose the audio source, room, and volume from one user-friendly interface, whether a remote, keypad, or touchscreen. 

A multiroom audio system enables each room or zone to listen to a different source. So one family member can enjoy their favorite streaming music services while another listens to an audiobook or plays their treasured vinyl collection. And when it’s time to gather, one beautiful melody can fill the home.

Integrating Home Automation

Integrating your audio-video system with your home automation system takes ease of living to a whole new level. For example, incorporating motorized shades, lighting, and temperature control enables one-touch control for all systems. 

Tap the entertainment button on your in-wall touchscreen or keypad and watch as your fine art transforms into a 4K HDR TV. The sound begins, blinds lower, lights dim, and temperature adjusts, creating the perfect ambiance and viewing experience.

Are you ready to experience unrivaled audio performance with an integrated smart home solution? To learn more about our home audio consultant services or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact AVWORX today.