The Benefits of Smart Lighting Design: Effortless Control and Extraordinary Beauty 

The Combined Power of Lighting Design and Home Automation

It’s easy to take the light that illuminates our homes and yards for granted. We flip a switch or turn a dial, and suddenly the room we’re standing in is filled with the light that guides our footsteps and helps us perform the many tasks that make up our daily lives. 

Today, however, technology has made a significant difference between light that offers pure functionality and light that enhances our daily lives in sometimes imperceptible and other times extraordinary ways. As a home lighting consultant and automation expert, we see the difference the combination of technology and today’s lighting offers homeowners in Layton, UT, and the surrounding areas. 

Let’s explore the many facets of automated lighting.

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Functionality and Features

Ideally, we start considering smart home features and lighting during the consulting phase, before the foundation’s been set and the walls constructed. This offers our team the opportunity to install the pre-wiring that forms the backbone of a smart home

Of course, many of our clients discover the wonders of home automation long after. Whether considering a remodel or starting from scratch, we can integrate the many features that will set you up for unprecedented lighting control and design.

When considering task lighting, we’ll discuss your lifestyle and what activities you and your family perform on any given day. With this information, we’ll recommend placement and types, from pendants to LED strip lighting beneath kitchen cabinetry. 

Ambient lighting is the light that fills a room and can set the mood based on color and intensity. Then, we’ll consider the accent lighting that illuminates favored art pieces, unique architectural elements, and water features.

Beauty and Design

This is the phase when homeowners get excited and see the potential of today’s lighting systems. You no longer flip a switch and experience a bright or soft white light. Today, with the advent of tunable LED lighting, you have an almost unlimited array of different hues and intensities to choose from. 

The ambient light in the great room can start out as a soft sunrise yellow in the morning and slowly transform throughout the day until it takes on the color of a setting sun when dusk approaches. And this occurs without any effort on your part, just a gradual change in your lighting that takes place as the day unfolds. 

Effortless Control

Integrating lighting into a smart home system offers effortless control. A smart home delivers the right amount of light in every room based on the time of day, occupancy, and the level of natural light. 

When you leave for the day, it can turn off the lights. When you arrive back home, it can welcome you with a well-lit entrance. 

We can also program the system to make it easy to control for different occasions. For example, do you regularly have friends and family over for shared meals and entertainment? We’ll program a button on an elegant keypad to set the lights automatically throughout your home and yard. 

Perhaps, the golden glow of soft candlelight will fill your kitchen and dining area, while the outdoor entertainment space can take on the glow of a bright flame. For those with a dramatic flair, purples, greens, blues, and yellows can fill different rooms or highlight various features. 

At AVWORX, we’ve been providing our clients with the latest home automation and lighting design since 1989. We are thankful for the many long-term relationships we’ve developed, helping families to continue to transform their homes as technology changes around us. To learn more about our home lighting consulting services or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact AVWORX today.