The 3 Cornerstones of a True Smart Home

Our Professional Services Bring Your Dream Smart Home to Life 

If you want to add smarts to your home, choosing to take on the project alone or hire a professional is a big decision. While there’s nothing wrong with either approach, you’ll reap the most rewards by working with a smart home expert like AVWORX. 

A true smart home is more than a sum of its parts. It should adapt to your lifestyle, scale to your needs, and make every interaction with your smart features effortless and enjoyable. Our team has the skill and experience needed to tailor your system to you and ensure it works reliably around the clock. 

Read on to learn the three cornerstones of a true smart home and how our professional smart home services and solutions can help transform your Ogden, UT property into the smart home of your dreams. 

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Everything Works Together 

At the helm of a truly connected home is a smart home operating system that connects and orchestrates the communication between all your smart home devices, allowing you to easily operate and interact with everything from lights and motorized shades to music, security cameras, and more. 

Control4 OS system enables multiple devices to work in unison to precisely match how you use your home every day. For example, you can bring several functions to life at once with personalized smart home scenes like “Good Morning” or “Away” which adjust your lights, shades, thermostats, security devices, and entertainment with a button tap or automatically based on an event or time of day. 

What’s more, Control4 integrates with over 16,000 third-party devices, so you can connect products from favorite brands and trust that they’ll work effortlessly with the rest of your smart home. 

Control Is Simple and Convenient 

Most DIY smart home hubs offer device control through a mobile app and voice commands. While these methods of control are convenient in certain circumstances, they can feel unintuitive in others. Control4 offers a variety of simple ways to manage your smart home beyond an app and your voice. 

Use custom-engraved wall keypads to control lights, shades, and music throughout your home. A touchscreen can sit on a table or be mounted cleanly on the wall in a frequently used area like the kitchen for quick access to your devices. If you like the feel of tactile remotes, the Neeo smart home remote offers easy whole-home control in the palm of your hand. Of course, the Control4 app allows you to remotely manage everything in your home while you’re away. And virtual assistant platforms like Amazon Alexa and integrate seamlessly with Control4 for hands-free control. 

Your System Is Supported by Professionals 

While we build your smart home to last, technology still requires maintenance to ensure everything works reliably now and in the future. When your smart home is supported by a professional like AVWORX, you’ll never have to wonder if a device needs a firmware update or worry about what to do if you run into a glitch. We’ll be there to help! 

Our team offers ongoing remote management of your system and connected devices and can fix common issues on the spot—often before you notice them. We’ll ensure your equipment is always up to date with the latest software. Plus, we’re just a phone call away if you need to schedule a technician to tend to a bigger problem in the home. 

Let’s build your dream smart home. Get inspired by visiting our local showroom to explore all the solutions we offer, including Control4 home automation. To schedule a tour or a consultation with our team, contact us here or use the live chat box below.