An Outdoor Living Design Company Can Turn Your Outdoor Space into Your Dream Retreat 

Family enjoying Samsung’s The Terrace TV and Soundbar sitting on a couch in front of the fireplace and under string lights.

The Latest Outdoor Lighting, TVs, and Landscape Speakers Are Transforming Backyards We’re so fortunate to live in the Salt Lake City, UT, area, one of the nation’s most beautiful regions. The Great Salt Lake and multiple mountain ranges offer some of the country’s most breathtaking and diverse landscapes. The warm summer days allow us to…

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What’s the Best Way to Bring Music to Your Backyard?

We don’t have to tell you how much value music adds to any gathering—indoors or out. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re already interested in adding music to your backyard but might need guidance in choosing the right outdoor sound system. We aim to offer you that guidance below!

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Want to Bring the MartinLogan Sound You Love to the Outdoors?

You Can with MartinLogan’s Outdoor Living ™ Sound System Options for outdoor speakers for plentiful, but not all prioritize audio performance. If you’re looking for a backyard sound system, why not look first to the brands you trust for high-quality audio indoors? One such contender is MartinLogan, a name most recognized for their signature electrostatic…

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4 Questions to Ask Before Installing an Outdoor Sound System

We’ve said it many times: Music is a must-have addition to any activity in the backyard. With an outdoor sound system, you can bring new life to your outdoor living spaces and easily create the perfect soundtrack for swimming, grilling, relaxing, exercising, and more.

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Add Rich Sound to Your Yard with Triad Garden Array Speakers

It’s hard to beat a pairing like summer and sunshine. The warm season beckons us outdoors to breathe in the fresh air and soak up some vitamin D. While some like to make the most of summertime with travel, you can enjoy your own staycation in the backyard—especially when you add music.

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Enjoy Big Backyard Sound with Origin Acoustics Loudspeakers

It’s getting colder in Bountiful, UT, but that doesn’t mean you must forsake your beautiful outdoor spaces. If you like to relax fireside in an insulated patio or soak in the hot tub during the brisker seasons, why not add music to accompany your time outdoors?

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4 Reasons Why It’s High Time You Had an Outdoor Speaker System

One of the greatest home improvement projects you can take on today is an outdoor sound system installation—especially in the Syracuse, UT area where weather and backyard views are beautiful. A professionally installed outdoor speaker system defies the elements, is easy to control, and adds increased entertainment value to your home.

If you’re considering adding outdoor audio to your home, our team at AVWORX would love to work with you to make your vision a reality. Don’t delay any longer! Read below to learn four reasons why now is the time to invest in the outdoor sound system you’ve always wanted.

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Which Outdoor Speakers Will Work Best for Your Restaurant?

It’s no secret that restaurants in Salt Lake City and the rest of Utah have closed their doors to dine-in customers amid the health crisis. While it’s a very difficult time in the restaurant business, the closures may afford the opportunity to install some attractive upgrades to entice customers back once it’s safe to open again.

One surefire way to attract patrons to your eatery is with music. Everyone is itching to go back to bars and restaurants for the engaging experience they offer, and music can play a key role. Especially as the weather becomes more inviting, we recommend you invest in quality outdoor speakers that not only attract passersby but keep the experience alive on the patio and in outdoor waiting areas.

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Which Outdoor Speakers Are Best for Your Backyard?

While the Utah weather is warm, now is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors with BBQ picnics, poolside parties, and more. But even as summer turns to fall, backyard spaces are still an excellent host for outdoor activities like gathering around an outdoor fireplace and watching football.

Whatever the event and time of year, nothing livens up the outdoor fun better than music. If you don’t already have an outdoor sound system you love, let our team at AVWORX be your guide! Read below to explore three popular speaker solutions for outdoor spaces to decide which would be best for your unique Ogden-area backyard.

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