Start the Season Right with These 5 Best-Selling Holiday Albums

Our Home Audio Consultants Have the Gear You Need to Bring Your Tunes to Life! The holiday season has nearly arrived in Salt Lake City, and what better way to kick it off than with some music? Classic yuletide songs practically define this time of year and are enjoyed by many music lovers alike—whether they…

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Key Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Home Audio System

These days, there’s much to consider before purchasing a home audio system. While some listeners are well versed in the complex world of home audio, others could use some guidance to narrow down the right speakers and components that are best for their listening habits, budget, and home environment.

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Why Choose AVWORX as Your Home Audio Consultant?

You don’t have to be an audiophile to want a quality home audio system that sounds good and looks nice. Even casual music listeners can agree that walking around the house with earbuds or relying on a smartphone speaker to enjoy your favorite tunes simply doesn’t cut it.

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Experience Studio-Quality Sound at Home with Control4

Can you tell the difference between an original painting and a high-quality print? Today’s printing technology makes the differences minuscule to the average eye. However, an aesthete may notice that the art print is missing characteristic textures, vibrancy, and life that thrives in the original.

The same can be said about music. In the world of digital music, lossless audio presents every nuance and detail of an artist’s original studio recording, and compressed audio deletes data, or some of those tiny details, to make it easier to transfer over the internet. Most ears likely won’t hear the difference between lossless and compressed audio. But for some, that small difference matters.

With Control4 OS 3, you can now enjoy the detail, timbre, and texture of high-resolution audio on your whole-home sound system. Read below to learn what makes music hi-res and what else you’ll need to make the most of studio-quality music in your Salt Lake City, UT home.

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Discover the Difference of Hi-Fi Home Audio from Focal

Music plays a big role in our lives, whether we know it or not. It stirs our creativity, keeps us focused, gives us energy, and even helps us sleep at night. No matter how you use music in your Layton, UT home, the quality of that music is only as good as the speakers you use to listen.

When you immerse yourself into your favorite music with high-fidelity speakers by Focal, you’ll explore new realms of listening that faithfully portray what the artist intended. But what exactly sets Focal audio apart from other high-end stereo speaker brands? Keep reading to discover the difference and explore why you should consider bringing Focal speakers to your home audio system.

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When Are Architectural Speakers the Right Choice for Your Home?

You invest a lot of time and money into uniquely styling your living spaces, whether on your own or with a professional interior designer. It’s no wonder many homeowners prefer architectural (built-in) audio solutions that offer uncompromising sound without intruding on their home décor.

But interior design isn’t the only reason concealed high-fidelity audio equipment might be the better choice when selecting the right speaker solutions for your Layton, UT home. Keep reading to explore three situations for which architectural speakers may take the cake over floor-standing or shelf speakers.

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Transform the Way You Listen to Music with High-Fidelity Speaker Solutions

Visit Our Showroom to Experience the Latest Equipment in High-Fidelity Audio  How do you enjoy your favorite music at home? Maybe you stream tunes from your smart TV or play music across your Amazon Echo speakers. Perhaps you simply stream music through your smartphone.  Regardless of how you listen, you might be settling for subpar…

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