Improve Workplace Communication with a Video Distribution System

Enjoy an Easier Way to Keep Every Team Member on the Same Page In a fast-paced work environment, communication is key to keeping everyone moving in the same direction. Unfortunately, there are several ways important messages can slip through the cracks. Emails can get buried in seconds, and word-of-mouth only goes so far. One of…

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How Does Background Music Affect Customer Buying Behavior?

Your customers may not always pay attention to the music playing overhead while they dine at your eatery or shop at your store, but that doesn’t mean it’s not affecting them. In fact, the music you play can greatly influence what your customers purchase and how long they stick around.

While restaurants and retail have experienced temporary closures over the last several weeks, many are slowly reopening—and customers are ready to return. Strategic use of your commercial sound system can help bring in more sales by enhancing emotion and brand messaging. Plus, having the tools to quickly change songs and adjust volume in multiple zones from one device means less time operating your music and more time tending to patrons.

Are you using music to your advantage in your Kaysville, UT business? Read below to learn how to harness its power, as well as how a multi-zone audio system can help you manage it.

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Which Outdoor Speakers Will Work Best for Your Restaurant?

It’s no secret that restaurants in Salt Lake City and the rest of Utah have closed their doors to dine-in customers amid the health crisis. While it’s a very difficult time in the restaurant business, the closures may afford the opportunity to install some attractive upgrades to entice customers back once it’s safe to open again.

One surefire way to attract patrons to your eatery is with music. Everyone is itching to go back to bars and restaurants for the engaging experience they offer, and music can play a key role. Especially as the weather becomes more inviting, we recommend you invest in quality outdoor speakers that not only attract passersby but keep the experience alive on the patio and in outdoor waiting areas.

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3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Conference Room

Create a Future-Forward Conference Room with the Right AV Solutions In any modern workplace today, a conference room should be much more than just a table and chairs. Instead, think of your conference room as an incubator for your business’ next great idea. It should be a space that facilitates operational efficiency, productivity, collaboration, and…

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How to Capitalize on Video Distribution in Your Restaurant

The growing food retail and delivery markets offer customers convenience and speedy service, which is threatening traditional restaurant visitation. As these disruptive channels pose challenges for eateries in Kaysville, UT and beyond, now is the time restaurant owners should take advantage of a significant service only they can offer: an engaging and entertaining dining experience.

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