4 Major Benefits of Video Conferencing Equipment

Give Your Business a Modern Upgrade & Host Better Meetings  Virtual meetings aren’t an entirely new concept. For decades, people have called into meetings over the conference room phone, whether it’s clients or satellite offices. But with the modern prevalence of video meetings, is it time to update your office’s technology?  It’s difficult to join virtual calls when there’s a room full of people in your conference room. A laptop won’t be large enough…

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How to Choose the Right Microphones for Your Conference Room

Our Commercial Audio Installers Look at 4 Common Options Have you ever squeezed around a built-in laptop microphone with your work team to speak to a client or remote employee? Not only is the audio pickup poor on your end, but the whole scene just looks unprofessional. If you want to deliver clear audio naturally…

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Video Conferencing Basics: What Hardware Do You Need?

Use This Checklist as a Launchpad for Upgrading Your Meeting Room Video conferencing systems are no longer a nice-to-have accessory for workplaces. After the pandemic accelerated the need—and desire—for remote work, video conferencing has become a requirement for workplaces that value communication. After all, communication is the heart of business success. Prepare your Farmington, UT…

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3 Reasons to Consider a Sound Masking Solution for Your Office

Last year saw a sharp increase in remote work due to the pandemic, leaving office spaces vacant and human interaction at an all-time low. Now, as we expected, many employees are returning to the workplace—even if it’s just a few days a week—and readjusting to work-life in an office with others.

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How Can Your Business Benefit from Video Distribution?

As a business owner, you know it’s important to reevaluate current processes and solutions to ensure they’re contributing to your company’s bottom line. Maybe you’ve recently adjusted store hours to accommodate high-traffic periods or moved best-selling merchandise to the front of your store. Perhaps you’ve invested in LED lighting for your business to reduce energy expenses over time. 

As technology advances, it can be hard to keep up with modern commercial solutions that could be benefitting your business. One solution that can positively impact businesses across several industries in Syracuse, UT is video distribution. If your company uses several displays for digital signage and video content for entertainment, it may be time to make the switch. Read on to learn how a video distribution system can benefit restaurants, hotels, and retail stores. 

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3 Restaurant Sound System Pitfalls to Avoid

What makes a restaurant attractive? A delicious menu and quality customer service are staples to a successful eatery, but so is the ambiance. Creating an atmosphere that encourages guests to relax, engage, and celebrate with loved ones is a key component of the dining industry.

Music molds the ambiance you wish to create for your guests. We can bet you’ve never been to a popular restaurant or café in Ogden, UT that didn’t have music playing in the background. Even if you don’t notice it, music is the liaison that helps keep conversation flowing (and customers buying).

If you’re looking to add a quality commercial sound system to your restaurant, be sure to avoid these pitfalls that can quickly work against you if you’re not careful.

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3 Advantages of Using Video Distribution within Your Business

The signage throughout your business serves several important purposes. You may use signage to promote deals in your retail store, present the menu in your restaurant, or provide a directory for visitors in your corporate lobby.

Unfortunately, a lot of signage used today is still printed, which means these displays can’t be easily changed when needed. When you want to communicate a new retail promotion, a limited-time entrée, or navigation changes within your office, it can take days or weeks to create and install new signage.

Instead, digital displays paired with a video distribution system is a more effective, efficient, and engaging way to customize, change, and present information throughout your business. Below, discover three key advantages of going digital with the signage throughout your Salt Lake City, UT business.

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How to Improve the Conference Room Experience at Work

Productive Meetings Start with a Proper Conference Room Design Much of the workforce is experiencing a shift toward remote work. Working from home offers many perks, such as better work-life balance, reduced work-related expenses, and no more commutes. At the same time, remote businesses lose the value of in-person communication and collaboration, which plays a…

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Key Things to Consider When Building Your Church Sound System

Music and testimony are significant components to any house of worship, which means a commercial sound system is a must. But what exactly is the best sound system for your house of worship? While small establishments might do fine with a packaged solution from the start, a high-quality sound system should be designed specifically for your needs.

If you’re on the market for a commercial sound system for your new construction or existing house of worship in Salt Lake City, UT, our audio professionals at AVWORX suggest you consider the following questions first before picking a solution.

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