Quick Tips for Designing the Right Audio System for Your Business

Improve Customer Engagement and Staff Productivity with Help from Our Commercial Audio Installers

From offices to restaurants to gyms, any business can benefit from a high-quality audio solution. Paging systems simplify communication, background music engages customers, sound masking reduces auditory distractions so office staff can focus—the list goes on!

Still, choosing the right audio solution is easier said than done. Because audio needs vary among businesses, it’s best to first consider how you plan to use your system before jumping the gun on speakers and amplifiers.

Let the commercial audio installers at AVWORX help! Below are some quick tips on what components you’ll need if you’re designing an audio solution for an office, restaurant, or gym in Farmington, UT.

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Audio for an Office Space

Audio systems can serve many purposes in an office, from providing pleasant background music for employees to broadcasting messages en masse in case of an emergency. A sound masking solution is also helpful for drowning out nearby noises and conversations to improve privacy and productivity.

When designing an audio system for your office, consider wide-dispersion in-ceiling speakers that blend well with the environment, and look for support for paging, wireless streaming, and sound masking.

Audio for a Restaurant

What would a restaurant be without music? A restaurant sound system drives engagement, influences spending behavior, and can help put more money in your pocket. If you run an eatery or bar, you can quickly set the tone for your establishment with an indoor and outdoor audio system.

Like we suggested for an office space, consider wide-dispersion in-ceiling (or ceiling-mount) speakers that blend with the environment. Additionally, look for a system that supports multi-zone control so you can easily adjust the volume and music selection in various areas of your restaurant, like the bar and patio. And speaking of the patio, you’ll also need speakers and cables that can withstand the elements.

Audio for a Fitness Center

Anyone who runs a coach-led gym knows that music can make or break a workout. In this environment, music must be powerful to keep the energy levels high. Depending on the class sizes, coaches may even benefit from wireless headsets so everyone can hear instructions clearly.

For your fitness center, you’ll want wall-mount speakers with large woofers and an amplifier that can support high output power. For even more bass, add a few subwoofers, too. Additionally, look for support for wireless streaming and radio, and consider water-resistant components if your gym’s humidity levels are high.

Take the Next Step

While these are basic recommendations and don’t cover everything you may need for your audio system, we hope these tips serve as a starting point for your research.

To take the guesswork out of the process, contact our commercial audio and technology professionals at AVWORX! We’ll talk with you about your business needs, recommend the best solutions, install everything for you, and train you how to use it—all while working within the set budget and timeline. Plus, we’ll always be around after the installation for ongoing maintenance and support.

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