Quick Guide: The Evolution of Video Resolution

Explore the Possibilities for Your Next Audio Video Installation

You invest a lot into your home entertainment system, so why should you settle for anything less than the best? Engineers and creatives around the world are constantly improving the technology we use for enjoying our favorite movies and TV shows, which means it can be difficult to keep up with the latest audio video innovations. That’s where we can help!

In this blog, we’ll explore the unprecedented world of 4K resolution as well as the rising tide of 8K to help you select the best TV display for the next audio video installation at your home in the Huntsville, Utah area, whether you’re preparing for a project now or expecting to upgrade in the future. Read on for more!

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4K: Today’s Resolution Benchmark

It’s no secret that major entertainment brands, studios, media outlets, and even streaming services are ditching 1080p for 4K as the resolution standard. By 2020, more than half of U.S. homes are expected to have 4K TVs and monitors — a much faster adoption curve than that of 1080p in its heyday.

But what exactly is 4K? And why are so many sources making the switch? 4K refers to the number of horizontal pixels that compose the image you see on display. Specifically, 4K means 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, which is four times the number of pixels that make up a 1080p (or HD) display.

Because of its multiplied pixels, 4K reproduces much more intricate detail than its predecessors, creating an incredibly realistic viewing experience in your home theater or media room. For example, tiny characteristics such as hair, feathers, or grass blades maintain their fine detail in 4K when they may otherwise look blurry in 1080p.

The growing adoption of 4K displays in homes has encouraged popular media sources to provide 4K-native content as well, from TV shows to video games. Stream some of your favorite movies and TV series from sources like Netflix, Google Play, iTunes, and YouTube — though some requirements apply. Even the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X gaming consoles support stunning 4K video games. All you need is a 4K UHD TV or a 4K HDR projector.

8K: The Rising Resolution

You may be wondering, why get excited about 4K when 8K is on the way? Like 4K to 1080p, 8K resolution has four times the pixels of 4K, creating an even more intricately detailed viewing experience. Though many video brands have yet to list the prices of their soon-to-come displays, the 8K tide is rising fast for video enthusiasts everywhere.

But the truth remains that 4K still has a lot of life to give. Its sharp, bright, high-contrast display will turn any viewing party into a breath-taking adventure every time. And though you can find 8K content from sources like YouTube and Vimeo, 4K content is widely more available — at least for now. After all, even live TV broadcasts are still only displayed in 1080P.

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