Q&A: Getting Started with Home Automation

Smart Home Services: From Benefits to Costs and More

Home automation is growing rapidly, with more integrated solutions than ever before. As technology continues to make life easier, transforming your house into a smart home is the ultimate solution for convenience.

But for such a small term, home automation packs a huge punch, which can stir up a lot of questions.

To help you get started on bringing smart technology into your home, we’ve answered three popular questions we hear from our clients in the Ogden, Utah area who are interested in smart home services.

See the questions and our answers below!

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  1. How Do I Benefit From Smart Home Automation?
    The beauty of home automation is that you get to define how you benefit. When we conduct a consultation, we ask you what your goals are when incorporating smart technology into your home. Are you simply looking for day-to-day convenience, such as scheduled light, shading and temperature scenes that complement your routines, or are you also interested in monitoring your energy use? Do you travel often and need a robust home monitoring system that you can access remotely? Maybe you desire an entertainment system with distributed A/V, in-wall speakers and simplified, universal control. Or perhaps you’re interested in all of the above.

    If you’re unsure, we can discuss all of your options with you and design a system that caters to your every need. No matter how big or small the project, home automation is designed to bring you ultimate convenience, comfort, peace of mind, and seamless entertainment. And that’s how AVWORX takes pride in its smart home services. We offer solutions customized to your every need.

  1. Will My Home Automation System Be Hard to Understand?
    In short: No! When you hire us to create your dream smart home, we do all the hard work for you. What you’re left with is a beautiful, intuitive Control4 system in the form of an easy-to-use keypad, remote control, in-wall touchscreen panel or navigation app on your smartphone or tablet.

    As a proud Control4 dealer, we offer our clients only the top lineup of automation products and services that are not only robust but are beautiful and easy to use. Want to see for yourself? Stop by our Utah showroom to experience everything we can do to transform your home with smart technology. You’ll see firsthand how intuitive it is to use your control system.

    For even more assistance, we offer free Control4 tutorial videos on our website that you can access at any time! From lighting control and security to tips & tricks, you’ll find everything you need.

  1. Will Home Automation Cost Me More to Use?
    Even if your only goal with a home automation system is convenience, you’ll still see savings as you begin to automate your energy use. Without automation, we waste a lot of energy with forgotten lights or keeping the thermostat too high when we leave the house. But a home automation system gives you complete control over your energy use.

    Schedule your lights and HVAC system to run only when you want, and turn them off when you don’t need them. And if you’re away from the house, control your energy use directly from your smartphone.


Despite its limitless options, home automation doesn’t have to be complicated. Let our team at AVWORX put you at ease and elevate your lifestyle by creating the perfect smart home system for you.


Just contact us here or send us a chat below to talk with one of our professional integrators in the Ogden area right now!