Protect Your Business from Afar with a Smart Surveillance System

CCTV or surveillance operating in office building

No Matter How Long You’re Away, You Can Be Confident Your Business Is Safe

Every year, businesses lose billions of dollars due to theft, fraudulent claims, and damage. In the event of any workplace incident, it’s even more difficult to know precisely what occurred when you don’t have evidence on hand—especially if you’ve been away from your property amid the pandemic.

A comprehensive business surveillance system installed by AVWORX can ensure your business in Salt Lake City, UT is protected whether you’re there or away by providing 24/7 access to live and recorded footage, real-time alerts of significant activity, and integration with other security technology like lights and access control systems. Learn more about these smart surveillance features by reading below.

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24/7 Access to Live and Recorded Footage

Remote monitoring allows you to keep an eye on your storefront or office even when you’re not there. This solution proves exceptionally beneficial for businesses who are still closed as we navigate through the health crisis. Instead of driving to your property every day to make sure things look as they should, just check in on your property from the convenience of your smartphone or computer. Use single or multi-site viewing options, view live-streaming or recorded footage, and pan and zoom to check details in any area.

Real-Time Alerts of Important Activity Around Your Business

Want to know if a person or car is lingering near your business after close? Maybe a package was delivered to your storefront that you forgot was coming. Advanced surveillance systems with video analytics capabilities can distinguish important events from routine activity and send an alert to your smartphone to notify you of the occurred event. You can also create virtual tripwires for your cameras, which enables them to further categorize events based on the areas you want to protect.

Integration with Lights and Access Control for Added Security

A commercial automation system can connect your surveillance system, access control system, lights, and other vital devices within your business to work together for added protection while you’re there or away. For instance, if a potential burglar lingers near your storefront after close and crosses your virtual tripwire, this action can trigger your outdoor floodlights to illuminate and deter further criminal activity. Additionally, if authorized personnel unexpectedly access your business after hours, you’ll receive an immediate notification and can check in real-time to see the event from your smartphone.

Keep tabs on your business around the clock and prevent potential damage from occurring with a smart business surveillance system. Our team at AVWORX can design and install the perfect system for your needs. To book a free consultation, contact us here or send us a live chat below today.