Panelized or Wireless: Which Lighting System Is Best for You?

A Brief Look at Each Smart Lighting System from Control4

Switching from traditional on/off light switches to a smart lighting system reveals a world of convenience in the home. Instead of making rounds to each room and hallway to make sure lights are off before going to bed or leaving for work, a single button press can do the work for you.

Control4 offers two methods for bringing smart lighting control into your Salt Lake City, UT home: panelized and wireless. If you’re interested in a smart lighting system, our team at AVWORX can help you choose the best method for your project. Explore the differences of panelized and wireless lighting control below.

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When to Choose Panelized

In a panelized lighting system, all lighting loads are wired to a centralized location, such as a dedicated utility closet. This method eliminates the need for cluttered banks of switches and dimmers in every room and allows our team to work with your electrician and interior designer to choose the optimal locations for sleek, custom-engraved wall keypads that can command several lighting loads at once.

Panelized lighting systems are best for homes that are in the new-build stages or undergoing a major remodel as lights must be rewired to a centralized location. Installing a panelized lighting system in an existing home would be a massive undertaking, requiring the need to cut open walls for cable runs.

When to Choose Wireless

For homeowners who’d prefer not to cut open their walls, wireless lighting is an easier and more cost-effective solution. Ideal for existing homes, a wireless lighting control system offers the convenience you desire without the lengthy and messy installation of re-running wire. Wireless keypads and dimmers are also configurable and can control several lighting loads at once. Plus, they work with a variety of load types, such as incandescent, halogen, fluorescents, and LEDs.

While you won’t be able to eliminate, combine, or move wall controls when upgrading to a wireless smart lighting system, Control4 wireless (and hardwired) dimmers and keypads come in various colors and finishes to elevate your interiors. You won’t have to settle for white plastic faceplates commonly seen in homes. Instead, choose shades of brown or black, finishes like gloss or satin, and more. Plus, buttons feature LED-backlights for easy viewing and can be uniquely configured and engraved.

Control4 Offers Options for All

Whether you want to start small in an existing home or add a comprehensive lighting control system in a new build, Control4 offers a solution for any budget and project. You’ll enjoy remote control of your lights using the Control4 app and can even command lights with voice control or a handheld remote.

Program customized lighting scenes that create the perfect environment in one button press. In fact, you don’t have to stop at lighting. Keypads also allow for control of smart home devices such as motorized shades and music. You can even include smart home scenes like “Goodnight,” which adjusts your lights and shades and arms your alarm system. With Control4, the options are limitless.

Explore Control4 keypad options at our showroom! Our team will be there to answer any questions you may have about smart lighting control for your home. To learn more about our Control4 lighting solutions, contact us here or use the live chat box below to speak with us now.