Live Effortlessly with a Home Voice Control System

By Elizabeth Hodapp | February 11, 2021 | Comments Off on Live Effortlessly with a Home Voice Control System

Home voice control systems certainly aren’t new. In fact, voice-assisted speakers can be found in nearly 40% of homes in the United States, according to CE Pro. So, what makes different from popular brands like Amazon and Google? 

A lot, actually. While Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are fine options for home voice control integration, offers a unique approach to the home automation experience. As a new dealer for customers in Layton and surrounding Utah cities, we’re excited to tell you all about this state-of-the-art home voice control system. Discover the difference of below. 

Panelized or Wireless: Which Lighting System Is Best for You?

By Elizabeth Hodapp | February 9, 2021 | Comments Off on Panelized or Wireless: Which Lighting System Is Best for You?

Switching from traditional on/off light switches to a smart lighting system reveals a world of convenience in the home. Instead of making rounds to each room and hallway to make sure lights are off before going to bed or leaving for work, a single button press can do the work for you.

Control4 offers two methods for bringing smart lighting control into your Salt Lake City, UT home: panelized and wireless. If you’re interested in a smart lighting system, our team at AVWORX can help you choose the best method for your project. Explore the differences of panelized and wireless lighting control below.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Video Distribution?

By Elizabeth Hodapp | February 5, 2021 | Comments Off on How Can Your Business Benefit from Video Distribution?

As a business owner, you know it’s important to reevaluate current processes and solutions to ensure they’re contributing to your company’s bottom line. Maybe you’ve recently adjusted store hours to accommodate high-traffic periods or moved best-selling merchandise to the front of your store. Perhaps you’ve invested in LED lighting for your business to reduce energy expenses over time. 

As technology advances, it can be hard to keep up with modern commercial solutions that could be benefitting your business. One solution that can positively impact businesses across several industries in Syracuse, UT is video distribution. If your company uses several displays for digital signage and video content for entertainment, it may be time to make the switch. Read on to learn how a video distribution system can benefit restaurants, hotels, and retail stores. 

5 Oscar-Winning Movie Scores You Should Stream at Home Right Now

By Elizabeth Hodapp | February 1, 2021 | Comments Off on 5 Oscar-Winning Movie Scores You Should Stream at Home Right Now

Movie and music buffs unite! If you’re a cinephile who also has a strong adoration for music, then we can assume you love movie scores. A movie score adds an integral dimension to any film. Just think about the silent film era: Compelling scores were crucial in keeping the audience engaged and invested in the story. 

Today, soundtracks continue to drive the emotion in our favorite films, some going as far as winning awards from organizations like The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. If you’re looking to switch up the music you enjoy on your whole-home sound system, consider the following five Oscar-winning movie scores! Then keep reading to learn how to stream them in your Kaysville, UT home. 

How to Reshape the Workplace for Success in 2021

By Elizabeth Hodapp | January 28, 2021 | Comments Off on How to Reshape the Workplace for Success in 2021

The world of work has changed a lot in Kaysville, UT and around the globe in the last year. According to BBC Worklife, more than half of the global workforce is working remotely. Even as the effects of the pandemic subside, a study by BBC Worklife shows that only 12% of surveyed workers want to return to full-time office work and 72% want a hybrid remote-office model going forward.

If your business has permanently returned to the office, it may be time to reassess the effectiveness of your work environment. Does it facilitate productivity and collaboration? Is it inviting and comfortable for your employees? Do you have the right tools at your disposal? Below, we’ll cover four conference room design tips that will help you create a successful workplace in the new year.

Why We Love Control4 for Utah Homes

By Elizabeth Hodapp | January 15, 2021 | Comments Off on Why We Love Control4 for Utah Homes

If you’ve been reading about smart home developments for a while, you know that the custom integration industry boasts a few different system brands and countless DIY tools. However, nothing we’ve found rivals the user experience and comprehensive functionalities of Control4, and we’ll show you why in this blog.

As integrators, we at AVWORX have explored many automation tools and connected devices. We know how those smart home solutions feel to the end-user, how they play with popular devices, and how customizable they are when you want to adjust or upgrade your Bountiful-area home. And to us, nothing beats these four outstanding traits across the brand, so stay tuned.

Experience Studio-Quality Sound at Home with Control4

By Elizabeth Hodapp | December 11, 2020 | Comments Off on Experience Studio-Quality Sound at Home with Control4

Can you tell the difference between an original painting and a high-quality print? Today’s printing technology makes the differences minuscule to the average eye. However, an aesthete may notice that the art print is missing characteristic textures, vibrancy, and life that thrives in the original.

The same can be said about music. In the world of digital music, lossless audio presents every nuance and detail of an artist’s original studio recording, and compressed audio deletes data, or some of those tiny details, to make it easier to transfer over the internet. Most ears likely won’t hear the difference between lossless and compressed audio. But for some, that small difference matters.

With Control4 OS 3, you can now enjoy the detail, timbre, and texture of high-resolution audio on your whole-home sound system. Read below to learn what makes music hi-res and what else you’ll need to make the most of studio-quality music in your Salt Lake City, UT home.

Are You Using Your Surveillance System to its Full Potential?

By Elizabeth Hodapp | December 9, 2020 | Comments Off on Are You Using Your Surveillance System to its Full Potential?

Did you know businesses are four times more likely to be burglarized than homes? If your business isn’t using a video surveillance system to help prevent crime and break-ins, it’s time to consider one. Plus, the presence of cameras shows your staff and customers that you care about their safety.

But that’s not all that video surveillance can do for you and your workplace. When you maximize the potential of a smart business surveillance system for your office, retail store, or fitness center in Bountiful, UT, you’ll gain invaluable benefits that span beyond deterring crime.

3 Restaurant Sound System Pitfalls to Avoid

By Elizabeth Hodapp | December 6, 2020 | Comments Off on 3 Restaurant Sound System Pitfalls to Avoid

What makes a restaurant attractive? A delicious menu and quality customer service are staples to a successful eatery, but so is the ambiance. Creating an atmosphere that encourages guests to relax, engage, and celebrate with loved ones is a key component of the dining industry.

Music molds the ambiance you wish to create for your guests. We can bet you’ve never been to a popular restaurant or café in Ogden, UT that didn’t have music playing in the background. Even if you don’t notice it, music is the liaison that helps keep conversation flowing (and customers buying).

If you’re looking to add a quality commercial sound system to your restaurant, be sure to avoid these pitfalls that can quickly work against you if you’re not careful.

How Can Smart Lighting Add Fun and Safety to Your Holidays?

By Elizabeth Hodapp | November 19, 2020 | Comments Off on How Can Smart Lighting Add Fun and Safety to Your Holidays?

We all celebrate the holidays a little differently. Some enjoy an intimate gathering at home with family, some travel from Kaysville, UT to warmer climates until after the New Year, and some throw lavish parties for visiting guests and neighbors. How will you celebrate this year?

No matter how you celebrate, you can easily add fun and safety to your holidays with a smart lighting system. Not only will festive fixtures enhance your décor, but commanding your lights is simple with preset schedules and centralized control. Plus, no-touch lighting control solutions can help keep germs at bay if you plan to host guests.

Read more to dive deeper into these smart lighting features and learn how they can help you have a happier, safer holiday season.