Make Your Daily Activities More Fun with the Right Music Pairings

A Control4 Whole-Home Sound System Can Improve Your Day from Morning to Night 

Daily routines can often feel monotonous, no matter how essential they are to our personal and professional development. We wake up early, work eight hours (or more), try to fit in a workout of some sort, and look forward to the evening when we can wind down and relax with loved ones. 

If you need an extra boost of motivation to get through your daily activities, try pairing them with music. A Control4 whole-home sound system makes it easy to play any music source anywhere, anytime. You can even automate music to start on its own in a certain room when the time is right. 

Add a little life to your daily routines in Salt Lake City, UT with music. Keep reading for some music-pairing ideas to try and discover how a Control4 whole-home sound system makes it easy. 

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Wake Up with a Pep in Your Step 

No one likes to wake up to the jarring sound of an alarm. Why not wake to music instead? With Control4, you can schedule a morning playlist to begin streaming in your bedroom and throughout the home a few minutes before it’s time to get up. Curate a playlist with songs that slowly build so you can wake up gradually along with them. You can also choose a popular morning playlist from your favorite music streaming service. The Morning Motivation playlist on Spotify is a great contender. 

“Alexa, Play my Work from Home Playlist in the Home Office 

Working from home has its perks, but staying focused can be challenging. You can improve your concentration with soothing music that helps to drown out distracting noises around the house. Just ask your voice control assistant to play your Work from Home playlist in the home office. Control4 not only allows you to create zones throughout the home for different music, but it also integrates with popular voice control platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and  

Fire Up Your Backyard Workouts with an App 

Speaking of zones, you can make one of them your backyard and add music to your next outdoor yoga flow or swim. Music helps to improve the quality of your workouts by increasing your stamina and putting you in a better mood. Plus, with the Control4 app, you can access and control your music from anywhere. Simply grab your smartphone and head to the backyard. A few quick swipes and taps will bring music streaming through your outdoor speakers to fire up your favorite exercises. 

Tap to Create the Ambiance for Dinner 

When it’s time to wind down, creating the right ambiance facilitates relaxation. From the convenience of a wall keypad, you can dim the lights, lower the shades, and start a Nat King Cole playlist in one or several rooms with just a button tap. Control4 wall keypads can be customized to offer effortless control of lights, shades, music, and more in one, several, or every room of the home. Create smart home scenes for any occasion—like “Entertain” or “Relax”—and add your choice of music to them. 

Set the Tone for Sleep 

If you’re having difficulty falling asleep at night, try adding ambient music to your nightly routine. Studies show that ambient music helps to disengage your mind from racing thoughts and other stimuli so you can fall asleep quicker

Use Control4’s When >> Then web-based platform to add your ambient music playlist to an existing “Goodnight” scene or create a new event that triggers your playlist to start when you’re ready for bed. For example: When you double-tap the keypad in the bedroom, then your ambient music playlist starts. When the clock strikes 10:00 pm, then your ambient music playlist starts. The possibilities are endless. 

Music brightens any day or task, and Control4 makes it easy to set the perfect tunes to every activity! Bring the power of Control4 whole-home audio to your residence by partnering with the first-ever Control4 dealer: AVWORX! We’d love to work with you. Reach out here or send us a message in the chat box below to schedule a free consultation.