Live Effortlessly with a Home Voice Control System

AVWORX Is Excited to Be a Dealer for Our Utah Customers 

Home voice control systems certainly aren’t new. In fact, voice-assisted speakers can be found in nearly 40% of homes in the United States, according to CE Pro. So, what makes different from popular brands like Amazon and Google? 

A lot, actually. While Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are fine options for home voice control integration, offers a unique approach to the home automation experience. As a new dealer for customers in Layton and surrounding Utah cities, we’re excited to tell you all about this state-of-the-art home voice control system. Discover the difference of below. 

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Natural, Compound Commands 

Commanding Alexa or Google to do things around your home can feel awkward or unnatural. Words and phrases must be said in a specific order, you can’t deviate from the names you’ve made for rooms or devices, and follow-up commands often involve lots of repeating. 

Josh allows you to speak to your home much more naturally. Thanks to Josh’s proprietary Natural Language Processing technology, you can command your home in whatever way feels best to you. Josh understands nicknames for rooms, devices, and smart home scenes, so you can speak to your voice control system as you would a person. 

You can also use compound commands with For example, tell Josh to “play jazz, dim the lights, and start the fireplace.” There’s no need to repeat the wake word or remember to say anything in a particular order. Just speak naturally and enjoy an effortless smart home experience. 

Impressive Intelligence & Integration 

The Josh Micro, which fit in the palm of your hand, is a small-but-mighty smart speaker that knows its location. When you mount one on your living room wall, all you have to say is, “close the shades,” and Josh will know to only close the shades in the living room. Josh Micro fits the aesthetic of any room and contains a powerful far-field microphone array, so you can be heard from well across the room. It’s designed to blend discreetly into your space, and you can put one wherever you want convenient smart home voice control. integrates seamlessly with industry-leading smart home systems like Control4, as well as with devices from Sony, SnapAV, Sonos, Samsung, and hundreds more. As you use to command your smart home, Josh will learn your daily patterns using advanced AI technology, take note of your preferences, and adjust your smart home for you so that you don’t even have to ask. 

Designed to Disappear 

Design-conscious homeowners will love the Josh Nano, the world’s first architectural microphone that can be discreetly installed to disappear within your interiors. Like the Micro, Josh Nano is room-aware, which makes commanding your devices even more effortless. The Nano is slightly larger than a quarter and yet is optimized to control the most expansive of homes. Choose from Coral White and Jet Black finishes or camouflage your Nanos with a custom-painted cover to blend with your walls or ceilings. 

Pristine Privacy 

Privacy is paramount at The company believes your privacy should be firmly protected and secured. With Josh smart home speakers and microphones, you can rest assured that your data will never be shared for marketing purposes. All your data is processed and stored locally, and Josh only goes to the cloud when communicating with other cloud-based systems to learn references to album titles, movies, and the like. While Josh learns from your commands to make your smart home experience continually better, you have the option to specify how much data it collects. 

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