Key Things to Consider When Building Your Church Sound System

Make Sure Your Message Is Heard by Working with a Professional AV Installer

Music and testimony are significant components to any house of worship, which means a commercial sound system is a must. But what exactly is the best sound system for your house of worship? While small establishments might do fine with a packaged solution from the start, a high-quality sound system should be designed specifically for your needs.

If you’re on the market for a commercial sound system for your new construction or existing house of worship in Salt Lake City, UT, our audio professionals at AVWORX suggest you consider the following questions first before picking a solution.

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Do You Need a Permanent or Portable System?

If your church is in the process of being built, your staff and members are likely meeting at a temporary location, such as a school gym or community clubhouse. If that’s the case, you’ll need a portable sound system solution. Otherwise, if you’ve already built your church, or are in the process of building your church, for permanent congregation, then you’ll do best with a permanent sound system installation.

What Is the Shape of Your Worship Center?

The layout and dimensions of your worship center will determine where your speakers should be installed for optimal sound quality. Your goal is to ensure everyone in the congregation can hear everything clearly, no matter where they’re sitting or standing in the room. If your worship center is narrow with high ceilings, your speaker placement will be different from a worship center that is wide with low ceilings. Acoustics should also be considered to avoid highly absorbed or reflected sound.

What Is Your Style of Worship?

Are you only amplifying the pastor’s message, or do you also have a small worship band? Perhaps you have a large choir, praise team, and orchestra. Maybe you use acoustic instruments, or maybe your band is equipped with electric instruments. All these factors will determine the type of commercial sound system you’ll need, especially if your worship style ranges from powerful to intimate.

Do You Want Audio Beyond the Worship Center?

Quality sound doesn’t have to stop in the worship center. It’s important to consider other areas of your building or campus where you may want distributed audio. Where else does your congregation meet and socialize? You may want speakers in your lobbies, nurseries, offices, and even the bathrooms so you can easily distribute the message, worship music, or announcements to all the public areas of your church.

The best way to ensure your house of worship is equipped with a robust and reliable sound system is to work with an audio professional like AVWORX. We’ll walk through your building layout, discuss your needs and budget, and design a system that ticks all the boxes. From customized speaker packages to acoustic treatments, audio distribution, centralized controls, and more, we have everything you need.

To schedule a free consultation, contact our team here or send us a live chat below. We look forward to working with you!