Key Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Home Audio System

Work with Our Home Audio Consultants to Narrow Down the Options

These days, there’s much to consider before purchasing a home audio system. While some listeners are well versed in the complex world of home audio, others could use some guidance to narrow down the right speakers and components that are best for their listening habits, budget, and home environment.

Find the right system quickly with help from the home audio consultants at AVWORX. You can always visit our showroom to speak with an expert and experience class-leading audio solutions on display.

Whether you decide to meet with us or do your own research, keep the following questions in mind as you start your journey to finding the right audio system for your Bountiful, UT home.

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1. Where Do You Want to Listen?

Where do you picture yourself enjoying music and audio in your home? Do you want a listening room in which you can sit and appreciate your favorite albums? Do you want music to follow you throughout the house? Maybe you want to bring audio to the backyard. This question will help determine the best type of system for your home, whether 2-channel, multi-room, dedicated outdoor, or a combination.

2. What Do You Want to Listen to?

Do you stick to streaming services, or do you spend time with your vinyl collection? Perhaps you want to exercise your stored digital audio files. Different listening methods call for different connectors and components to make everything work together. From high-quality turntables to powerful amplifiers to wireless music streamers and much more, AVWORX has what you need to enjoy your music your way.

3. Do You Want to Showcase or Hide Your Speakers?

Some sound systems are just as majestic to the eye as they are to the ear, and audiophiles love to show them off. However, other music fans want to experience quality listening without seeing the speakers. In that case, you may consider in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that pack a punch without distracting from your interior design. Come peruse the architectural speakers we have on display at our showroom.

Or, if you’re interested in iconic floor-standing or bookshelf speakers that make a statement, you can also experience high-performance options from brands like Sonus faber, MartinLogan, Monitor Audio and more when you visit. Audition our speakers and rediscover your love for music!

4. How Do You Want to Control Your System?

Are you interested in a standalone audio system, or do you want to integrate it with a larger home control system? If you have a home automation system like Control4, we’d recommend connecting your audio system so that everything is easy to access and control from one platform. Control4 supports high-resolution audio and has streaming services like Tidal and Spotify built-in for easy access and enjoyment.

These questions serve as just the starting point for finding the perfect audio system for you. Work with AVWORX to discuss and identify your listening wants and needs so we can help design the ideal solution for your home. To get started, contact us here or chat with us in the message box below.