Improve Your Home with a Control4 Home Automation System

Tailor Your Salt Lake City, UT Home To Suit the Way You Live

Smart home automation has become a popular trend for homeowners not only in Salt Lake City, UT but around the world as well – for good reason! Smart home automation and integrated control of all of your connected smart devices make your life more comfortable in a variety of ways.

We enjoy designing and installing Control4 home automation systems in our clients’ homes because the process is nearly painless. Control4 works with nearly 14,000 consumer devices, and that number will undoubtedly continue to increase as the company continues its streak of innovation and partnership with other brands.

Keep reading to learn the many aspects of your life that can be improved with a Control4 home automation system.

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·       Audio/Video Entertainment

Your home becomes more manageable under one easy-to-control home automation system with Control4. Whether you have an immersive home theater or speakers throughout your home for whole-house audio, a Control4 automation system can easily control it all with a simple tap of a button on a Control4 Neeo remote, on-wall touch panel screen, or your personal smart device. The kids could listen to their favorite music in the upstairs media room while you listen to relaxing music or watch TV as you prepare dinner in the kitchen. Different zones of your home can be managed easily with just a finger tap.

·       Comfort

From climate control to motorized shades to smart lighting control, it’s all possible for your Salt Lake City home. With preprogrammed scenes, your motorized shades can open automatically in the mornings to let natural light into your home. Temperature sensors can communicate with your HVAC system to turn on the heat if the room becomes too cold or lower the motorized shades to reduce heat gain, saving you money on your energy bills. You can also manage all of these systems simply with a button tap. You can even control your outdoor landscape lighting with a schedule, so it all turns on and off at predesignated times, elegantly illuminating your home and deterring potential criminals at the same time.

·       Security

In addition to improving security with smart lighting, you can monitor and manage your security system and surveillance cameras, too. You can even integrate your favorite voice control assistant to operate your Control4 home automation system with preprogrammed Scenes. At the end of the evening, say, “Alexa, goodnight” to arm your security system, lock all of your smart locks, turn off indoor lights and turn on all outdoor lighting to keep your property safe. If you’re ready to explore the above aspects of home automation or see how else a Control4 automation system can improve your Salt Lake City home, call us today at (801) 774-8080 or use our online contact form to get started. We can’t wait to work with you.