How to Reshape the Workplace for Success in 2021

Start with These Conference Room Design Tips

The world of work has changed a lot in Kaysville, UT and around the globe in the last year. According to BBC Worklife, more than half of the global workforce is working remotely. Even as the effects of the pandemic subside, a study by BBC Worklife shows that only 12% of surveyed workers want to return to full-time office work and 72% want a hybrid remote-office model going forward.

If your business has permanently returned to the office, it may be time to reassess the effectiveness of your work environment. Does it facilitate productivity and collaboration? Is it inviting and comfortable for your employees? Do you have the right tools at your disposal? Below, we’ll cover four conference room design tips that will help you create a successful workplace in the new year.

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Add a Touch of Nature

The American Psychological Association said it best: Green is good for you. Nature has a significant impact on our mental functioning, physical wellbeing, and social relationships. Adding touches of nature to high-stress environments like the office can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve moods, and foster a productive work environment. Take advantage of large windows that let in ample natural light. Add plants and greenery where possible and keep wall and furniture colors neutral. You can even take meetings outside if you have a comfortable area on your office property to sit and collaborate.

Use Flexible Meeting Spaces

Break away from the traditional conference room. Because collaboration can range from a simple one-on-one chat to a team-wide townhall, large boardrooms aren’t the best place to gather for every meeting. Offer your employees meeting rooms of various sizes and amenities so that they can work freely according to their needs and comfort levels. Consider huddle spaces with interactive whiteboards for ad-hoc brainstorming sessions, classroom-style spaces for lectures and training sessions, and lounges where staff can meet while they take a coffee break or eat lunch.

Don’t Forget Collaboration Tools

Conference rooms should offer your employees the tools they need to make collaboration easy and efficient. Beyond paper and pens, equip your meeting rooms with a videoconferencing solution that’s built around providing the best possible meeting experience. Starting and joining a virtual meeting, as well as sharing content, shouldn’t be complicated. Look for a scalable solution that focuses on usability, offers high-definition audio and video, and can be integrated with your room AV.

Opt for Automation

A commercial automation system makes operating the technology in your conference room—and throughout the workplace—a stress-free experience. Lights, powered window treatments, door locks, audio-video systems, thermostats, and more can be integrated into one centralized control system so that you can manage and monitor everything using one app on a touchscreen. You can even program devices, such as lights and shades, to adjust on their own throughout the day to save energy and reduce overhead. You’ll spend less time on menial tasks and more time on improving your bottom line.

When planning for changes to your workplace, don’t forget to survey your employees and ask what improvements they’d like to see. While you can read resources like this one for good ideas, every team is different and has unique needs.

Once you’ve gathered the changes you’d like to make, our conference room design experts would love to assist you. We offer commercial automation and AV solutions that simplify your business, enhance productivity, and reduce frustration. Get started by contacting us here or sending us a live chat below.