How to Personalize Your Control4 Smart Home

When >> Then by Control4 Makes It Easy to Customize Your Home Automation 

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know we love to gush about Control4. A leader in home automation, Control4 simplifies your lifestyle by connecting all your home technology into one easy-to-use system. Control4 plays well with over 16,000 third-party devices and offers several intuitive ways to manage your smart home, from a mobile app to voice controlkeypads, remotes, and more. 

In this blog, we’re focusing on yet another reason why we love Control4: homeowner personalization. Using Control4’s When >> Then programming platform, homeowners can take automation into their own hands and fine-tune their smart homes to work precisely for them as their needs change. 

Read more to learn about When >> Then by Control4 and its possibilities for your Salt Lake City, UT smart home. 

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Add and Change the Automation in Your Home 

If you’re not a Control4 customer, it’s important to know that the system installation and programming are completed first by a certified Control4 dealer – like AVWORX. You don’t have to use When >> Then to customize your smart home; we can program scenes and automation sequences for you. 

However, if you’re interested in tweaking smart home scenes and automation later on, that’s when When >> Then comes in handy. After all, a smart home is best personalized by those who live there. Using this web-based platform, you can create new smart home scenes, automate a new task, and more. 

For example: When the sun rises, then your porch lights turn off. When you double-tap the keypad in the living room, then your favorite jazz playlist on Spotify plays overhead. When the garage door opens, then you receive a push notification. The possibilities are endless! 

Test and tweak your changes until they’re just right. Plus, don’t worry about making accidental changes to your system. Scenes or automation sequences created by your dealer will be locked so you can have fun customizing your smart home without editing or deleting existing functions you want to keep. 

You’ll Need a 4Sight Subscription 

To unlock When >> Then personalization, you’ll need a Control4 4Sight subscription. A 4Sight subscription includes much more than When >> Then, too! At just $100 a year, this service allows you to access and manage door locks, cameras, thermostats, and other home devices from anywhere in the world using the Control4 app. It also enables hands-free smart home control with simple voice commands through Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and 

A 4Sight subscription also unlocks the power of Control4’s Intercom Anywhere app, which allows you to monitor and communicate with any room of your home – including the front door. Remotely greet guests and unlock the door to let them in using the same app. Or quickly broadcast a message from one touchscreen to all the rest in the home to let your family know it’s time for dinner. 

4Sight truly takes your Control4 smart home to the next level. Put the power of your smart home in your hands by choosing Control4 and 4Sight! As the first-ever certified Control4 dealer, AVWORX is here to help. To learn more about Control4 home automation or subscribing to 4Sight, contact us here or use the chat box below to speak with a team member today.