How to Optimize a Robust Surveillance System for Your Business

Three security cameras attached on the office building corner

Learn How Smart Surveillance Goes Beyond Deterring Crime in Your Office or Restaurant

Whether you run a small tech start-up or a five-star eatery, you know that businesses are often the target of theft and crime. That means you’re responsible for implementing proper security measures to ensure valuables are protected and your staff and visitors feel safe.

A robust business surveillance system can help deter unwanted criminal activity in and around your commercial property, but that’s not all it can do for you and your Layton, UT business. Read below to learn how our security experts AVWORX can help you maximize the benefits from a professionally installed business surveillance system.

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Hold Employees Accountable

Beyond recording and storing around-the-clock footage of activity happening throughout your workplace, a smart surveillance system allows you to monitor your office or restaurant in real-time from any location. Whether you’re traveling or at home sick, you can always check in from the convenience of your smartphone or laptop to view live footage from anywhere you have an internet connection.

At closing time, remotely ensure that your staff turned off the lights, locked the doors, and completed their other closing duties before leaving. You can even check to see if anyone left early or stayed late. A smart surveillance system can also send real-time alerts directly to your smartphone to notify you of any detected motion near doorways or sensitive areas of your business.

Track Business Trends

Smart surveillance cameras throughout your workplace can do much more than help deter criminal activity and catch those responsible. They can also help you better manage your business. Use live and recorded footage to analyze traffic patterns and determine any inefficient waiting areas or foot congestion. Visualizing these business trends can help you make better decisions for staffing, proper seating for lobbies or dining areas, and securing various access points.

Integrate with a Business Automation System

When integrated with a business automation system, your surveillance system can help save you time and catch potential criminals much quicker. For instance, if your surveillance cameras detect a lingering intruder after hours, your building lights can turn on automatically to simulate that someone is inside.

Additionally, if your surveillance cameras detect a break-in, your alarms can blare, and internal doors can lock to keep intruders from reaching sensitive access points. Whatever the event, an intelligent surveillance system paired with a comprehensive business automation system will work hard to ensure your staff, property, and assets are always protected.

Learn more about how to optimize a robust surveillance system for your business by connecting with our team at AVWORX. We work with several leading surveillance manufacturers and can recommend the right solutions for your needs. From cameras and recorders to control systems and more, we’ve got you covered. Contact us by calling (801) 774-8080, filling out our online contact form, or sending us a live chat below right now.