How to Make Your Home Dazzle with Spektrum+ Landscape Lighting

With Help from a Landscape Lighting Designer, Anything Is Possible

Is it time to refresh your home’s curb appeal? After tending to your shrubs and repainting the porch, don’t forget about lighting. A well-planned landscape lighting design can be just as enchanting to onlookers as your home’s unique architecture and intricate gardens.

The landscape lighting designers at AVWORX love Spektrum+ landscape lighting solutions from American Lighting, which embellish your yard with vibrant whites and colors and can be easily customized to suit any occasion.

If your property dazzles by day but misses the mark at night, keep reading to learn how Spektrum+ landscape lighting can bring new life to your Salt Lake City, UT property after dark.

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Light Pathways, Foliage, and Façades

The American Lighting Spektrum+ landscape light collection features several fixtures to accomplish the lighting effects that you desire. Light pathways and foliage with soil or surface-mount bullet lights that you can adjust for precise light direction. Then showcase your property with uplight or downlight cylindrical wall sconces that add a modern aesthetic to your home’s façade. All Spektrum+ landscape lights are available in a matte black finish to blend with your exteriors.

Tune Color and Intensity to Your Liking

Customize your lighting your way with a vast selection of color and tunable whites. Using the American Lighting Spektrum+ app, you can easily fine-tune every Spektrum+ RGBTW light fixture to virtually any hue you desire. Choose from a wide range of warm and cool whites, or get creative with vibrant reds, greens, blues, and yellows. Then adjust the brightness of your fixtures within the same interface. Spektrum+ by American Lighting allows for the ultimate experience in personalized lighting.

Create Lighting Zones for Easy Activation

If your landscape has dozens of light fixtures, adjusting each one individually can be a pain. Instead, use the Spektrum+ app to assign individual fixtures to dedicated groups throughout your expansive property. For example, you could create one zone for patio lights, a second zone for pool lights, and a third zone for outdoor kitchen lights. Take smart lighting control a step further by creating one-tap scenes that adjust each zone simultaneously to create the perfect ambiance for any activity.

Incorporate String Lights for the Seasons

Celebrate the holidays or add a magical touch to your home at any time of year with Spektrum+ string lights! A great addition to your Spektrum+ bullet lights and wall sconces, these RGBW string lights can elicit a warm-white glow at 3000K or produce any color you’d like. Simulate the look of twinkling stars atop tall trees, attract passersby with seasonal colors, or show support for your favorite sports team.

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Updating your landscape lighting is simple when you work with a professional. Ready to take the next step? Contact the lighting experts at AVWORX to learn more about our landscape lighting services and begin planning your project. Fill out our contact form or send us a message below now!