How to Improve the Conference Room Experience at Work

Productive Meetings Start with a Proper Conference Room Design

Much of the workforce is experiencing a shift toward remote work. Working from home offers many perks, such as better work-life balance, reduced work-related expenses, and no more commutes. At the same time, remote businesses lose the value of in-person communication and collaboration, which plays a key role in speedy decision making and creating a sense of community.

If your Ogden, UT business has or will be returning to the workplace, now may be a good time to reassess the effectiveness of your conference room meetings to ensure you’re not wasting time or resources. How can you make them more efficient and successful? It all starts with your conference room design. Check out our tips below for an improved conference room experience.

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Create a Comfortable Environment

First, your conference room needs to facilitate comfort for your staff and clients. Choose calming colors for your walls and furniture, such as neutrals or blues, and keep a clutter-free space. Wires should be hidden where possible, surfaces should be clean, and supplies should be organized. Check for wobbly tables, flickering lights, and loud fans, too. The fewer distractions in your conference room, the better.

Be sure your meeting space receives plenty of natural lighting as too much artificial light can cause headaches and eye strain. Ideal conference room temperature will vary per team, so do your research to find the best temperature range for improved productivity and keep your conference room set within that range.

Proper lighting and temperature management are easy with a room control system like Control4, which integrates your lights, motorized window shades, thermostats, and more into an easy-to-use interface. One button tap on a dedicated touch panel can adjust your conference room environment to the perfect setting so you can get right into your meetings.

Collaborate Easier with Improved AV Technology

Video conferencing technology is in the limelight these days, and for good reason. Even if your team is returning to the workplace, you can benefit from a video conferencing system to easily connect with out-of-town staff and clients, reduce costly travel, and enable more flexible work styles. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and GoToMeeting are a few popular options, but be sure to consider your needs before choosing one for your team. Security, scalability, and ease-of-use are all important factors.

A video conferencing system must be paired with quality hardware, too. That includes proper video displays, speakers and microphones, and cameras. Whether you choose a TV or projector, soundbars or in-ceiling speakers, a 180-degree or 360-degree camera, and so on, the AV equipment that makes up your conference room should be tailored to your space and use cases. Additionally, your office network must be able to support the heavy bandwidth that video conferencing requires.

Consider These Bonus Components

Minimize interruptions and help meetings run more efficiently with a conference room booking system, which simplifies the process of booking meetings, reserving times for future meetings, and notifying staff of any rescheduled meeting times. Room scheduling software integrates with your calendar so you can easily add the conference room to your meeting invitation and avoid double-booking. A display panel outside the conference room will show the day’s meeting schedule, meeting titles, and invited participants. In just a few taps, staff can add meetings to the schedule or make adjustments on the fly.

An interactive whiteboard is another solution to consider if your team regularly participates in brainstorming sessions. Interactive whiteboards allow you to annotate directly on the display and digitally distribute the notes to participants in real-time or after the meeting. Staff can collaboratively interact with the board, adding notes together for a more engaging and productive experience.

Improve the conference room experience with proper room design and innovative office technology that supports comfort and collaboration without wasting time and resources. AVWORX is here to help you take the next steps.

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