How to Choose the Right Microphones for Your Conference Room

Our Commercial Audio Installers Look at 4 Common Options

Have you ever squeezed around a built-in laptop microphone with your work team to speak to a client or remote employee? Not only is the audio pickup poor on your end, but the whole scene just looks unprofessional. If you want to deliver clear audio naturally and productively during your next conference call, you’ll need the right microphones.

Like all conference room technologies, microphones vary in functionality, performance, and style to suit your needs, environment, and budget. To help you narrow down the right option for your conference room in Bountiful, UT, the commercial audio installers at AVWORX have gathered the pros and cons of four common microphones typically found in meeting rooms. Keep reading for more.

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Gooseneck Tabletop Microphones

If your meeting room is large with high ceilings, you might consider gooseneck tabletop microphones that ensure everyone at the table is clearly heard from their seat. Gooseneck microphones are placed at every seat so that each speaker has their own amplification. These types of microphones offer excellent direct sound and typically don’t pick up much background noise.


  • Provides great audio pickup because of the short distance from the speaker
  • Limits the ability to capture background noise
  • Allows every individual to be heard clearly


  • Can clutter conference room tables
  • Visually less attractive and more distracting than other discreet options
  • Prone to being knocked over or fidgeted with
  • Can amplify close-by audio like pen tapping and keyboard typing

Boundary Tabletop Microphones

For small conference rooms, a boundary tabletop microphone might be more suitable than goosenecks. A boundary microphone sits at the center of the table to pick up the voices of those seated or moving around during a presentation. Boundary mics are commonly omnidirectional, but some feature multiple polar patterns to capture the speaker’s voice wherever they are while reducing background noise.


  • Clearly captures the voices of several speakers in a smaller meeting space
  • Reduces table clutter
  • Visually unobtrusive design
  • Can be directional or omnidirectional


  • Increased sensitivity because of its proximity to the table
  • Can amplify close-by audio like pen tapping or keyboard typing
  • Doesn’t scale well as meeting room grows

Ceiling Microphones

Permanently installed ceiling microphones are ideal for small and medium meeting rooms that feature flex seating. You may choose flush-mount options for low ceilings or hanging pendants for high ceilings. Like boundary mics, ceiling mics can be omnidirectional or feature various polar patterns to provide audio capture only where it’s desired.


  • Frees up table space
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Clearly captures the voices of several speakers in a smaller meeting space
  • Can be directional or omnidirectional


  • May require opening walls and ceiling for installation
  • Can’t be moved after installation
  • Could require more gain if placed too high from the sound source, resulting in captured background noise

Wireless Microphones

Do you need microphones for a highly versatile meeting space that’s used for ad-hoc and fast-paced meetings? Then you might prefer wireless gooseneck or boundary microphones, depending on your room size. Wireless mics can be easily moved around without the limitations of wires or permanent installation.


  • Highly flexible placement
  • Can easily be moved closer or farther from the desired sound source
  • No wires necessary


  • Could be susceptible to outside frequency interference
  • Requires battery replacement or recharging

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