How to Capitalize on Video Distribution in Your Restaurant

Centralized Control of All Your TVs Enables More Content with Less Hassle

The growing food retail and delivery markets offer customers convenience and speedy service, which is threatening traditional restaurant visitation. As these disruptive channels pose challenges for eateries in Kaysville, UT and beyond, now is the time restaurant owners should take advantage of a significant service only they can offer: an engaging and entertaining dining experience.

A professional TV display installation paired with a video distribution system enables you to offer customers a variety of popular content throughout your restaurant at the touch of a button. Concealed technology and centralized control of every display maintains the aesthetic of your restaurant and allows you to spend more time tending to customers as they enjoy food and the latest televised events.

Read below to learn three ways you can capitalize on a video distribution system for your restaurant.

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Attract a Wider Customer Base

One reason people enjoy gathering at restaurants is to socialize with friends and family. Because of this very reason, restaurants have something in common with television: People tend to gather around popular televised events, too. Why not combine the two?

Use your TVs as a marketing tool to attract a customer base that spans beyond sports to politics, awards ceremonies, reality TV shows, and the news. Easily and strategically manage the variety of genres throughout your restaurant in a way that makes sense for your patrons. For example, sports games may be best to play near your bar while the news may be best to play during brunch hours.

Create Promotions Around Televised Events

Any customer will appreciate a promotion that ties into a popular televised event. You can advertise a simple promotion, such as 10 percent off during a local sports game, or you can get creative and develop promotional campaigns that get your customers involved.

Invite customers to bring in their predicted ballots for special awards ceremonies like the Oscars or Grammys and tie a special promotion, like a free meal or drink, for every correct ballot. Likewise, you can host major sports events like the Super Bowl or March Madness and offer a special promotion to those who correctly predict the winner. Get creative, branch out, and make it engaging.

Spend More Time Tending to Customers

While taking advantage of TVs throughout your restaurant is a great way to attract customers, having to control every TV display throughout the day is too cumbersome of a task while running a busy eatery. Plus, having to purchase satellite and cable receivers for each TV results in unnecessary costs and unsightly tech.

A video distribution system distributes content from your satellite or cable box, Apple TV, and other various video sources to all TV displays in your restaurant, omitting the need for one-to-one setups throughout your eatery. All your components are neatly stored away on a media rack that stays out of sight, leaving only a clean installation of flush-mounted TV displays.

When integrated with a control system like Control4, you can easily control various zones of TVs throughout your restaurant from a single touchscreen and from anywhere in the restaurant. No more having to walk to each TV with a remote in hand. Volume, channels, and power exist in one platform. Easy for your entire staff to use, this efficient control solution gives you and your employees more time to tend to customers instead of operating media.

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