How to Better Protect Your Retail Business from Holiday Theft

Look for the Following Features in Your Next Smart Security Camera Installation

The holiday season is an exciting time for retailers, thanks to the increase in traffic and sales. Unfortunately, it’s also prime time for retail theft. Market research shows that half of all retail theft in the US occurs in winter, and 81% of that is during the holiday period.

As a retailer, you’re no doubt armed with ways to mitigate retail shrinkage. But the holiday season in Salt Lake City is busy, and more of your attention will go toward customer assistance rather than loss prevention. Here’s where a professional security camera installation can help pick up the slack.

Read below to learn three crime-reducing features of today’s smart security cameras.

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4K Resolution

What good does grainy, pixelated footage do when you’re looking for incriminating evidence? Today’s 8MP security cameras have four times the pixels as 1080p HD cameras, resulting in much sharper and detailed images. They also capture more light, which improves contrast, color, and low-light performance. Plus, when you zoom in on distant objects, you can still count on excellent image quality.

Artificial Intelligence

Powered by artificial intelligence, today’s smart surveillance cameras can do so much more than act as a second set of eyes on your business. They can spot details like facial features and license plates while ignoring other insignificant activity within a scene. They can also send you an alert and begin recording when an object crosses a specified area or triggers other custom intrusion settings. Smart security cameras keep you in the know at all times—no matter where you are.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Whether you get an alert or not, it’s easy to access your smart security cameras and check in on your business from anywhere. Using a tablet, laptop, or smartphone, you can view live and recorded footage, adjust your cameras to scope out nearby areas, or zoom in to see more details.

Beyond checking for suspicious activity, you can remotely check in on staff, analyze foot traffic, and make sure that your team locked up properly after leaving for the night.

This holiday season, spend more time tending to customers and less time worrying about potential theft by employing a smart security camera system that has your back. The commercial security professionals at AVWORX can install a custom solution that suits your business needs and budget. To get started, contact us here or send us a message in the chat box below! We’d love to work with you.