How Does Background Music Affect Customer Buying Behavior?

Strategic Use of Your Commercial Sound System Can Impact Sales in Retail and Restaurants

Your customers may not always pay attention to the music playing overhead while they dine at your eatery or shop at your store, but that doesn’t mean it’s not affecting them. In fact, the music you play can greatly influence what your customers purchase and how long they stick around.

While restaurants and retail have experienced temporary closures over the last several weeks, many are slowly reopening—and customers are ready to return. Strategic use of your commercial sound system can help bring in more sales by enhancing emotion and brand messaging. Plus, having the tools to quickly change songs and adjust volume in multiple zones from one device means less time operating your music and more time tending to patrons.

Are you using music to your advantage in your Kaysville, UT business? Read below to learn how to harness its power, as well as how a multi-zone audio system can help you manage it.

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Music in Restaurants

Research shows that restaurants and bars see customer behavior change according to music genre. For instance, one study found that a winery increased their sales after changing their music from Top 40 Hits to classical. Interestingly, customers didn’t purchase more wine but bought more expensive bottles.

Music tempo affects customer behavior, too. The National Restaurant Association says patrons chew food 30 percent faster when they listen to upbeat music, which increases turnover. Likewise, customers stay longer and spend up to 23 percent more on food and drink when listening to slower music.

Knowing what music to play depends on the feeling you wish to create inside your restaurant. By strategically choosing songs that fit your brand, you could increase sales by 9 percent. Also, be sure to consider your target demographic and research the music that audience enjoys.

Music in Retail Shops

Like restaurant owners, retail owners should also use music for brand messaging and revenue. If you sell clothing for teens, consider playing today’s pop hits. If you sell luxury dining and drinkware, consider classical or jazz, which emotes sophistication and can encourage buyers to select more expensive items.

Let’s mention tempo again. Studies find that slower music tends to keep shoppers in your store longer as they mull over purchases and enjoy the atmosphere. It can also lead to increased sales. Upbeat music, on the other hand, encourages quicker shopping and fewer purchases.

Volume fluctuation can also influence customer behavior. Loud music tends to lower average customer time spent shopping when compared to softer music, although sales usually stay the same. If you own a small store, consider raising music volume when the store gets busy to help manage traffic flow. When traffic is slow, soften your music to reduce stress levels and keep customers around longer.

Controlling Your Music

Implementing a professional and easy-to-use audio system within your business is just as important as choosing the right genre, tempo, and volume of your music. If your audio is hard to manage, or your speaker placement is poor, you could risk losing customers.

A multi-zone audio system installed by our team at AVWORX features simple source control and distribution of music to every zone of your eatery or retail shop. Speakers placed strategically throughout your building deliver a rich and evenly dispersed audio experience everywhere.

Pump audio through in-surface or surface-mount speakers that blend perfectly with your walls and ceilings. You and your staff will be able to control everything from song selection to volume in any and every zone from one intuitive interface so that music operation is quick and painless. Your staff can spend less time tending to the music and more time helping your customers.

Ready to impact customer behavior and boost sales? Our team can equip your restaurant or retail shop with the latest audio and control solutions. Start planning your project today by contacting our team here or sending us a live chat below.